Need for Public Library 
in Al Ain City Stressed

AL AIN — Residents of Al Ain city have expressed the need for a public library like the ones in the major cities in 
the country.

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Published: Sun 12 Jul 2009, 1:06 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 7:56 PM

All the major cities have public libraries that are stocked with both Arabic and English books as well as other languages, reference material and periodicals, audio-visual material and Internet facilities, say some of the residents who have top travel to other emirates to access books and reference material.

Riadh Subhy, a resident, lamented that though there were several key development projects under way in Al Ain city, there is no public library where people could go to for accessing material on various subjects, especially cultural and heritage.

Another resident Alaa Ahmed Ali said the Internet had edged out the books that were the main source of culture and enlightenment, but the new generation does not have the kind of reading habits their ancestors had.

Expatriates living in Al Ain felt that while the city had no proper public library, the books available in the market are highly priced.

Some of the residents complained that the prices of books available in the town varied from one bookstore to another, which all the more necessitates the setting up a well-stocked library for the benefit of the readers.

The increasing popularity of some ‘book lending’ outlets among the readers is another reason why a full-fleged library should be set up in Al Ain, said Asia Saad.

“We need to spend some quality time at a library to gain knowledge of our culture, philosophy, arts and science, instead of wasting time roaming in the malls,” said Hind Hamed, a housewife.

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