NCC call to address residents' problems

ABU DHABI - The National Consultative Council (NCC) yesterday called upon local authorities to immediately address the problems of the residents of Abu Dhabi's Khalifa 'A' and Khalifa 'B' cities which lack basic facilities and services including health, education and commercial facilities.

By Muawia E. Ibrahim

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Published: Tue 20 May 2003, 11:39 AM

Last updated: Wed 1 Apr 2015, 11:06 PM

Members of the council said that residents of the two cities were facing complicated problems due to lack of infrastructure, which puts more pressure on Abu Dhabi city as many are forced to head towards downtown to make use of the facilities here.

"Khalifa 'A' and Khalifa 'B' are just 30 kilometres from the capital and they still lack basic utilities and services. Attention must be paid to speeding up execution of public utilities and services projects in the two cities to meet the demands of the residents and make their life easier," the council said, stressing in particular the need for building of mosques in the two cities.

The issue was discussed at the council's session yesterday chaired by Speaker Abdullah Mohammed Al Masoud.

The Council Member, Khalifa bin Ahmed bin Jubara Al Murrar, said the situation on the ground contradicts the report sent to the NCC by the Abu Dhabi Municipality and Town Planning Department.

"The Municipality says it has future plans to build six schools here and two clinics there. Why don't they, for the time being, start with one. The two cities are already populated and it will be wise to do the job gradually."

Another member, Hadhir bin Mubarak bin Hadhir Al Muhairi, criticised the municipality's plan to complete the infrastructure in the two cities after construction of most of the residential units. "There is no logic in that. How do you expect people to live there without infrastructure and other basic facilities?," asked Mr Muhairi.

The two new cities of Khalifa 'A' and Khalifa 'B' were built under a strategic project to avoid congestion in downtown Abu Dhabi city and its suburbs, which are expanding due to population growth.

Though the cities were built with huge housing schemes and residential buildings to reduce pressure on the city, residents do not prefer to live there as a result of the lack of services. "To make life easy and fulfil the needs of the new and old residents, including UAE nationals, new projects have to be taken up to discourage residents from moving back to downtown Abu Dhabi, the members said.

The members called for construction of more department stores, shopping malls, public places and parks, schools, health centres and hospitals.

According to the municipality's report to the council, the two cities are being constructed according to a future strategy which takes into consideration population growth and ensuring quality services. Construction of roads and sewage network will be completed after compeltion of a large protion of the residential buildings.

A study is under way at the Public Works Department (PWD) to set up two intersections to serve Khalifa 'A'.

There will be several exits to the airport.

A third intersection is being constructed by the municipality.

There are also two projects in the designing stage to set up a commercial centre and a public park. Work on these projects will begin next year.

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