‘My son could not have killed his family’

SHARJAH — A special programme on the ghastly Sharjah ‘murder-suicide’ case by the Indian family of six will be aired on Sharjah TV tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9pm, according to a Sharjah Police source.

By Meraj Rizvi And Amira Agarib

Published: Tue 27 Sep 2005, 10:38 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 3:56 PM

The programme will feature details of the case and the investigations currently underway by the Sharjah Police. A number of police officials, doctors from Zulekha Hospital, and officials from the Auqaf Department will be interviewed on the tragic killing and suicide which has sent waves of shock and dismay in the country.

The news of the deaths of 45-year old engineer Raziuddin Mohammed Zia, his 35-year old wife Rizwana, and four children 12-year old Badranajoum, 7-year old Humaiduddin, 6-year old Omaima, and 18-month old Sania, has drowned their home in the Malakpet area of Hyderabad (India) in gloom, and his elderly parents Dr Ziauddin and Saleema Begum went into a deep shock.

A shattered looking 65-year old Ziauddin, father of the slain man Raziuddin, told Khaleej Times that he does not believe his well-to-do and religious-minded son could have committed such a crime as to kill his wife and children. “I suspect some foul play. Somebody else might have killed them,” he said.

Ziauddin, a retired veterinary doctor, and his wife were expected to arrive in Sharjah where the last rites of all the six will be performed. But Taquiuddin, brother of the slain Raziuddin told the newspaper that his parents are in no state to travel. “They are very old and are completely shattered by the death of the son and his family. They will be unable to travel,” said Taqiuddin, who has been residing in the UAE for 12 years and working as an agricultural engineer at Dubai Municipality.

A completely shattered man himself, the brother, unable to speak much about the case, said he hopes the necessary investigations are completed soon and the police hands over the bodies to him for carrying out the last rites. Most probably, their last rites will be held in Sharjah. “However, I still cannot say anything more at this point,” the brother said. Taqiuddin, however, claimed to have last spoken to his brother on Friday night, where he did mention that he would be travelling to India for a brief visit. “He never mentioned that he was travelling with the entire family and was facing financial problems.”

In fact, my brother had a good job in Dubai and was always trying to help people in financial crisis. So, taking his and his family’s lives because of financial crisis is ruled out, Taqiuddin said. He disclosed that his brother has been living in the UAE since 1986 and has had no problems whatsover with anybody. He has had no enemies, he clarified. Taqiuddin, however, did mention that his brother was having psychological problems and did undergo treatment at a hospital in Sharjah. “Although, nobody could tell he was suffering from psychological problems, he often would undergo his bouts of depression.”

A Sharjah Police statement confirmed that the information published in ‘Khaleej Times’ yesterday was accurate that the death of Raziuddin and his family members was the result of slitting of their throats. The matter has been referred to the Sharjah Prosecution and necessary investigations are being carried out. The police has urged the public to coooperate with the investigating agencies if they have any information on this family and any clue on their tragic death.

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