“My Number, My Identity” campaign

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has launched “My Number, My Identity” campaign in collaboration with the licensees aiming to increase awareness on the new registration procedures.

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Published: Mon 18 Jun 2012, 5:48 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 1:20 PM

The campaign highlights the importance of the mobile subscribers’ role to protect their SIM cards, which are national resources that should be used responsibly. These should not be given out to other users to avoid any misuse that may occur, as the registered owner of the number will be legally and financially accountable.

In line with its continuous efforts to protect the interests and privacy of mobile users, and based on studies and surveys that indicated some increase in civil and criminal cases due to some mobile subscribers giving away their SIM cards to other users who may misuse the number resulting in serious legal or financial issues for the actual owners, the TRA has taken several steps to organize registration processes and requirements for mobile phone services, provided by the two licensees (Etisalat and Du).

As a result, a number of procedures are being introduced by the TRA to facilitate the process of transferring the SIM cards from the actual owners to the actual users. This will help protect the actual owner of the number from any problems that may occur because of misusing these numbers; besides allowing the actual user to benefit from the wide range of services provided to facilitate connectivity through mobile phones.

In addition, the new procedures require the licensees to fully update the data of all mobile phone subscribers to ensure the accuracy of information listed in their data base.

Mohamed Nasser Al Ghanim, TRA Director General stated: “The TRA has established a number of procedures that help mobile phone users, both pre-paid and post-paid, maintain their subscription and safeguard their rights and privacy. Consequently, this will determine the licensees’ responsibilities to mobile users’ registrations and will help them monitor their processes. ‘My Number, My Identity’ is a campaign that reflects on TRA’s efforts to promote transparency, and protect the privacy of mobile subscribers if misuse occurs by users other than themselves.”

Moreover, the new procedures were carefully tailored to include all aspects related to mobile phones registration; such as, registration requirements, information and documentation, verification, mobile subscribers’ registration (for individuals, visitors, companies and governmental entities), service activation, registration renewals; mobile subscribers subscription transfers, customer service, registration records, security and confidentiality, accuracy and compliance. This will help attain the highest levels of accuracy in registered information, and will provide flawless procedures and services to users across the UAE.

Also, the procedures identify the registration requirements for individual users; which include the following: a valid passport and the Emirates ID card, thus encouraging the UAE residents to support the government’s efforts in promoting the Emirates ID card as the sole identification document. As for companies and governmental entities, the registration involves presenting a facility certificate issued by the Ministry of Interior.

Nonetheless, for mobile services activation, subscribers have to successfully complete the requirements. Also, the licensees are responsible to collect and update all required information and documentation, and are accountable to maintain highest levels of confidentiality as per the TRA’s policies and procedures. Furthermore, the licensees (Etisalat and Du) will soon announce details of the registration process and requirements.

Othman Sultan , CEO, du said: “We laud the step taken by the TRA in protecting customer interest. In pursuance and support of the TRA’s decision, we are fully ready to implement the Subscribers Identity Policy. We have earmarked a dedicated team to manage this initiative cohesively in close coordination with the TRA, and in ensuring minimal inconvenience to our customers. We will soon announce further details of this simplified process of registering SIM cards, as mandated by the TRA. Our customers will be then able to register their details at any of our du Shops according to the timeframe which will be announced soon.”

Saleh Abdullah Al Abdouli, CEO, Etisalat commented: “Our company has dedicated a workforce comprising of representatives from all departments to coordinate and ensure the quality and accuracy of registrations for our eight million subscribers, the largest number of users in the UAE. Etisalat has been working closely with the TRA to organize the registration process of mobile subscribers to maintain best standards ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of data. Etisalat is keen to provide all necessary elements for the registration process including workforce and equipment. The company’s availability at all sales outlets in commercial centers and business centers throughout the UAE facilitates the process. We call upon mobile subscribers to accelerate the registration process and update their data to ensure registering their number within the timeframe that is to be announced soon.”

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