My dream project would be...

WE ALL KNOW about the grand projects planned for the capital — the Cultural District on Sadiyaat Island, the Marina Wharf in Al Bateen area, the Mushrif Park make-over, the world’s eco-friendliest Masdar City and, ultimately, the Abu Dhabi 2030 Plan, moving the capital out of the island.

By Olivia Olarte, Anwar Ahmed And Silvia Radan

Published: Sat 21 Aug 2010, 9:39 PM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 3:45 AM

There are hotels, cafes, residential apartments being built at a furious pace, but is this what the city wants?

Well, largely it is, but when we asked some of the residents here what would be their dream project for Abu Dhabi, they came up with these ideas:

Magda Candea (Romania)

Digital artist:

IT’S FUNNY you should ask that because I was just thinking the other day how wonderful it would be if we had an arty mall.

It would be completely out of the ordinary, with libraries and bookshops, a cinema for art, documentary and only the very best of commercial movies, boutiques for designer jewellery, interior decoration and fabrics, art galleries, handicrafts, unique cafes that are the complete opposite of sickening fast food. It should be highly creative, imaginative, intellectual and attractive. That would be a mall I would visit everyday.

Dreaming aside, I think Abu Dhabi just needs some entertainment and cultural spots that are inspiring and enjoyable, something like a permanent theatre, performing arts centre, a literary cafe.

Just imagine if the Cornich would look something like London’s South Bank. Won’t that be wonderful?

Ammar Al Thuwaini (Iraq),

Communications consultant:

I REALLY want to see Abu Dhabi become a sustainable city according to its 2030 plan — with dedicated shaded walkways for pedestrians, good parking facilities and no traffic jams, where people can enjoy jogging and walking in shaded and green areas.

I would also like to see the capital city host other major events such as the World Cup in the future.

On the education front, I would like to see well-stacked libraries built in the capital, and publishing houses holding a book sale all year round, as this is important for me.

Sooraj Manimangalam (India)

Media buyer:

I WOULD like to see better transportation facilities for Abu Dhabi and it would be good if we have the Metro here like in Dubai. I would also like to see Abu Dhabi have better entertainment areas, where I can take my family when they come here to visit.

At the moment, there is no place here to hang out and do some activities and there are not enough tourist attractions. We need more entertainment options such as more cinemas in malls, a water park like Wild Wadi in Dubai or a theme park where kids can go and enjoy themselves.

Mohammed Sulaiman India)

Sales officer:

MORE MATERNITY hospitals need to be built in the capital which middle class people can afford. In case of an emergency we have to rush to different hospitals, which are not specialised in maternity. At the moment, we have only one devoted maternity hospital, the Cornich Hospital, which is insufficient for the city’s residents.

More libraries would also be nice. If I want to spend few hours reading books, there are only a couple of places to go in the city, so more libraries should be built for residents.

Also, more public parking spaces and public gymnasiums should be built by the government that is withing the reach of the common man.


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