Musaffah’s crowded homes under scanner

Musaffah’s crowded homes under scanner

The campaign aims at curbing congested residential accommodation and freeing the city and neighbourhoods from accommodations of company workers and bachelors.

By Nissar Hoath/deputy Bureau Chief

Published: Mon 16 Feb 2015, 12:45 AM

Last updated: Thu 25 Jun 2015, 10:27 PM

An over-crowded room in Musaffah. -Supplied photo

Abu Dhabi — The Municipality of Abu Dhabi has taken its fight against overcrowded accommodations to Musaffah. According to the municipal department, it has issued 965 warnings, 233 reports and 140 rulings against overcrowded and filthy accommodation units in the vast industrial area of Musaffah.

The civic body had earlier targeted such accommodations in Bani Yas, Al Khatim and Al Khazan.

“The campaign targeting congested and disorderly residential units covers a large geographical area, aided by a well-organised implementation plan that covers all areas. The campaign was intended to realise a number of objectives such as curbing congested residential accommodation (bachelors and families); freeing the city and neighbourhoods from accommodations of company workers and bachelors; removing all types of squatter settlements at communal houses and villas; and getting rid of company accommodations in residential neighbourhoods,” said Jassim Mohammed Al Hammadi, Manager of Musaffah Municipal Centre.

The campaign is being carried out in cooperation and coordination with its strategic partners aimed at streamlining the occupancy of residential units and combating disorderly accommodation.

The drive began in June 2014 and will run up to the end of the first quarter of 2015, covering all areas that fall within the purview of the Musaffah Municipal Centre.

He explained: “The municipality has monitored the phenomenon of bachelors and blue-collar workers thronging residential neighbourhoods and tried to figure out solutions since it causes social and health problems, not to mention its negative impact on the urbanised look of the city.

Al Hammadi said the municipal department has prepared a work plan to curb disorderly accommodation, which comprises two phases tentatively.

Residents’ cooperation hailed

Al Hammadi praised the cooperation of the residents in implementing the campaign, which, he said, reflects their awareness and keenness to report any violations of the Residential Units Occupancy Law so that the Control and Residential Neighbourhoods Work Team can take legal action against the violators.

He said the newly developed tenancy contract registration system (Tawtheeq) launched by the municipality contributes to streamlining the occupancy of residential units.

He urged landlords of leasable property and property management companies to register the details of their properties in the Tawtheeq system, so as to avoid disruption or delay of transactions.

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