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Multiple career paths with cross-functional education

Multiple career paths with cross-functional education
MUD encourages students to develop holistic skills for the workplace.

Murdoch University Dubai helps develop adaptable skills for the ever-changing work environment of the modern world

By Dr James Trotter

Published: Sun 8 Sep 2019, 10:15 AM

Last updated: Sun 8 Sep 2019, 12:19 PM

The concept of 'super specialists' is vanishing from the global workforce as silos are broken down to implement flatter operational structures. In order to enhance their performance, many global organisations are restructuring their business practices away from vertical, functional structures.
These changing work practices require staff who have been educated to function in these complex and dynamic cross-functional environments. Additionally, universities must keep pace with technological changes, which have dramatically altered how we communicate and function in our professional lives. The education required for the contemporary, professional workforce should be tailored to meet these modern demands.
The UAE is a country where innovation abounds and opportunities are numerous, but to succeed, individuals must be educated to operate in this dynamic environment. At Murdoch University Dubai, we develop our students' capabilities by providing them with a contemporary curriculum that focuses on preparing them with the required skills to succeed in multiple career paths.
Our career learning spine runs through every course we offer, providing students with the opportunity to develop skills that will make them adaptable for the ever-changing work environment of the modern world.
As an international university with campuses in four countries, Murdoch University caters to students who are looking for an education relevant to the contemporary workplace. Our campus in Dubai offers students the possibility to study multiple disciplines within the same degree, a cross-functional education to prepare for a cross-functional working environment.
By specialising in more than one subject, students acquire the knowledge and skill-sets needed to succeed and adapt to the ever-changing requirements of the contemporary workplace.
This "cross-functional" perspective on education is precisely suited to current organisational and operational challenges, enhancing a student's employability after graduation by preparing them to be the highly skilled and adaptable employees that employers are seeking today. 
Dr James Trotter is the Dean and Academic President at Murdoch University Dubai.

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