Muhaisnah bus network to be reviewed soon

DUBAI — The total bus network in Muhaisnah 4 area in Dubai will be reviewed and additional routes will be created after new vehicles are added to the fleet anytime between September and December, a senior official from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) yesterday.

Residents of Muhaisnah 4, Ghusais area had complained that office-goers, in particular, had either to catch taxis or walk for 10 to 15 minutes to catch a bus.

"In Ghusais, Muhaisnah 4 a lot of development is taking place. Earlier, it was popular for the Lulu Village and was surrounded by a few residential buildings. Now, this area is filled with several multi-storeyed residential buildings. Since January this year, around 800 families moved into these buildings," said a resident, Sanjeev Kumar.

He also said though there were several public transport buses plying close to the Lulu Village area, in order to reach residential complexes, they had to depend on taxis or walk for 10 to 15 minutes from the Lulu Village bus stop.

"On behalf of residents, I request the RTA to re-route some of these buses via these residential areas, which will be a great relief to office-goers, especially in summer time," he added.

Another resident of the area said, "Two of the buses running close to the area are Bus no 17 and 31. At least, these two buses can be re-routed without much hassle. It takes only an extra five minutes to cover these areas."

Engineer Mahdi Ali, Director of Public Bus Department of Public Transport Authority at RTA, said, "Currently, there are two bus routes serving Muhaisnah 4 Development Board Housing - Route 17: Al Sabkha Bus Station, Muhaisnah 2 Labour camps via Muhaisnah 4 Development Board Housing with a headway of 20 minutes and Route 31 - Gold Souq bus station, Oud Mateena via Muhaisnah 4 Development Board Housing with a headway of 30 minutes."

He explained that the routes were carefully planned to serve a maximum number of residential units including the new apartments.

"These routes also run on wider roads to ensure safety to residents. The maximum walking distance from any development in Muhaisnah 4 to the bus routes is only 400 metres," said the official.

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