Motorists urged to check tyre quality

Motorists urged to check tyre quality

Motorists travelling outside the country across Al Ghwaiefat border’s check point have been advised to abide by traffic rules and speed limits and use quality tyres.

Accidents involving tyre bursts claimed the lives of nine persons last summer.

The Traffic and Patrols Directorate at the Abu Dhabi Police urged drivers to take all precautionary measures and to be careful while on the road, especially during the early hours.

“Traffic patrols have been intensified on all the highways in the country round the clock, especially the Abu Dhabi-Al Ghwaiefat road, the lifeline which links the UAE to the neighbouring countries, and sees busy traffic of departures and arrivals from the adjacent countries to spend summer vacation in the country,” said Brigadier (Engineer) Hussein Ahmed al Harthi, Director of Traffic and Patrols Directorate at the Abu Dhabi Police.

As part of the awareness programmes of the campaign themed ‘Don’t end your life with an accident,’ drivers have been urged to abide by the speed limits, and pay attention while driving and to take rest when they feel tired. He called upon drivers to park their vehicles on the right-hand side of the road and switch on the four hazard lights to caution incoming traffic.

Luggage kept on top of the vehicle should not be more than 60 centimetres high, he said. Anything higher than the set load is a violation and could result in the vehicle being impounded for a week, a fine and three black points, he warned. He pointed out that the total number of light motor vehicles held for carrying excess luggage stood at 286 during the period July 1 to September 30 last year.

Drivers travelling by land must check their cars mechanically, he said. He urged vehicle owners to be careful while buying tyres. They should go for high quality ones and should avoid fixing cheap ones. One should bear in mind that the temperatures increase during summer and it could lead to old and cheap tyres bursting.

The risk of a tyre bursting doubles when it touches the asphalt in a temperature of 55 degree celsius, particularly if it has a manufacturing defect, he said. In the last five months, two persons had died and three others severely hurt in accidents due to tyre burst, he added.

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