Motorists on vacation unable to park vehicles

HAMATTO from Abu Dhabi complained that the municipality there had issued a new rule which prohibits parking of cars by motorists who go on vacation in front of their building. They only allow parking in areas where there is no crowd. "Because of this, people will suffer a lot and I am wondering what is the reason for that?"

By Complaints Corner

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Published: Sat 29 Jul 2006, 11:54 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 1:48 PM


AN official source at the municipality said the excerise was aimed at curbing the phenomena of irresponsible attitude of some motorists who go on vacation for a long period of time, sometimes up to three months, whereby other residents are deprived from using that parking lot. Due to the already delicate situation of parking spaces, such behaviour worsens the situation. However, those who wish to park their cars without moving them, are allowed to do so but for not more than one week.

As an alternative, the municipality offers discounted fares for long rental of its underground paid parking facilities which are accessible in various parts of the emirate. Those who cannot afford to rent one can always take their cars to designated areas for long durations which are located in remote areas from the city centre where parking lots are direly needed by others for their day to day businesses.

Allegations against hotel unjustified

RAJESH Das who works at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Sharjah complained to the Khaleej Times Hotline about the bad food and the accommodation facilities provided to the employees as well as long the working hours.


SPEAKING to Khaleej Times, Mamdouh Al Hakeem, General Manager of Holiday Inn Hotel said that the hotel management provided accommodation for the staff in a new building which consists of three storeys in Rolla. Three employees share one bedroom. All bedrooms are furnished with new beds cupboards, seats and TVs in the rooms as well as in the hall. The company also provides a variety of food for the employees who come from different backgrounds. The food is offered to them as per their requirements.

He explained that the company uses the Employee pulse survey system which is designed to measure the opinions or “pulse” of employees in order to improve its performance or “health” standards. "The management always distributes such survey forms among all its employees to give them a chance to express their views about performance of the management, the accommodation, the food and the communication with their seniors. But we have never received any negative opinion about the benefits being provided by the company to the staff. Every month the company celebrates the birthdays of staff members with cake cutting ceremonies. We have also adopted the employee of the month scheme," the general manager said.

"Our main priority is to please our employees because this will reflect in enhancing their performance and enable us to provide better quality services to our guests."

Water scarcity in Sharjah

SULTAN Ali complained about the water scarcity in Sharjah industrial Area No 12 and14. He said for four days there is improper supply of water in this area.


ABDUL Rahman Al Sulaiman, head of the public relations at Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (Sewa) said that the authority is making great efforts to solve the water scarcity in various parts of the city by increasing the quantity of water pumped to the affected areas to 11 million gallons per day to satisfy their needs.

Al Sulaiman stressed that with the beginning of August, the lack of water will be history and "no area will face such a water shortage problem any more in the future."

He attributed the water shortage to the continuous growth of population in the Emirate of Sharjah during the last six months. "During the month of July, around 8 million gallons a day are being distributed to the effected areas. With the beginning of August, some additional 3 millions gallons will also be provided to meet the shortage of water."

He said these additional gallons would be pumped by the water distribution network plant in Sharjah. The plant pumps every day a total of 91 million gallons into the city, pointing out that the water problem in Sharjah will disappear by next month.

Sulaiman said that Sewa has currently allocated ten tanks to supply water for affected buildings free. He urged residents facing water shortage to approach the water section to get water tanks for free during this time.

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