Mothers, we salute you

Mothers, we salute you

DUBAI - On his sixth accession anniversary, His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, bestowed the prestigious Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid honorary sash on Shaikha Fatima bint Mubarak, wife of the late president Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and issued a directive to rename Al Wasl Hospital in Dubai as Latifa Hospital, honouring the memory of his late mother Shaikha Latifa bint Hamdan.

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Published: Thu 5 Jan 2012, 8:49 AM

Last updated: Fri 3 Apr 2015, 4:45 PM

Recalling fond memories of his mother, Shaikh Mohammed tweeted: “Most beautiful is the memory of the morning chats we used to have over breakfast, giving me such an energy to start my day.” He praised all mothers who have played a role in building the nation.

Earlier last week, Shaikh Mohammed ordered to celebrate his Accession Day as Mother’s Day as a respect to every mother. He had also urged all people to do good to their own mothers. Thousands of people from around the world responded to him appreciating his call.

Shaikha Latifa was known for her limitless charity, generosity and kindness to the poor and the needy, for her patience and wisdom, as well as for many good characters and ethics the Arab and Islamic culture has cultivated. She also played a pioneering role in encouraging women in Dubai for education as part of empowering them in the process of development.

Shaikha Fatima, known as the “Mother of Nation”, was honoured in recognition of her historic role in advancement and empowerment of the UAE woman and family.

Shaikh Mohammed said: “The UAE is proud of Shaikha Fatima as a historic woman leader who stood behind the founding father throughout his lifetime journey for building the nation and toiled over more than three decades to support and empower the UAE woman. Apart from her tremendous responsibilities, Shaikha Fatima has groomed and built national, political leaders whom we are very proud of and of their achievements”.

“Honouring the Mother of Nation is dedicated to every mother in the UAE. This recognition is not only from me but from the people of the UAE, and in particular from the daughters of the UAE as mothers, women workers and girls students, even from orphans, physically challenged persons and other groups of the community on whose lives Shaikha Fatima’s achievements had had direct impact throughout decades of sincere national action,” the Vice-President added.

Shaikh Mohammed’s noble gesture comes to crown a committed national drive towards advancement of women and array of achievements in support of the most vulnerable categories in the community.

A tribute to mothers

In the words of Shaikh Mohammed

Al-Wasl Hospital renamed Latifa Hospital

Shaikha Fatima, Chairwoman of the General Women’s Union and the Family Development Foundation as well as Head of the Higher Council for Motherhood and Childhood, is sponsoring and supporting many local and international organisations such as the UAE Red Crescent Authority and Zayed House for Comprehensive Welfare.

Shaikha Fatima played a leading role in encouraging women to educate themselves and rolled out a massive nationwide campaign for eradicating illiteracy under her resonating statement “Illiteracy is our arch enemy”.

Shaikha Fatima founded the Abu Dhabi Women Association in 1973 as the first voice for women in the UAE then pooled and mobilised energies of all local women into the General Women’s Union which serves as the mouthpiece of the UAE women at regional and international gatherings, advocate of their rights and the vanguard of their gains and achievements.

The Family Development Foundation was born under Shaikha Fatima with the aim of taking care of women and children in cooperation with other competent agencies, enforcing social legislations and recommending development programmes to guarantee the rights and welfare of women and children.

Shaikha Fatima had special interest in motherhood, childhood and family, the major concerns which take quite a great part of her time. In a short span of time, she was able to make outstanding gains and status for children and mothers on all levels. Apart from her great support for women in the social, health and educational sectors, Shaikha Fatima spurred and supported women to engage in political life and decision-making process.

Shaikha Fatima is currently sponsoring the Shaikha Fatima Fund for Refugee women in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Shaikha Fatima has instituted several awards carrying her name to promote values of social development, empowerment and solidarity.

With more than half-a-million followers on twitter, the official tweets by Shaikh Mohammed were received positively. Tweeting with the hashtag #ThankUMother, Shaikh Mohammed sent out messages congratulating mothers of the nation. “Here’s a certificate signed by me, thanking every mother for her great role in building generations.” “(This is) a note of gratitude and appreciation to you and to all the mothers for the significant role in building nations and generations,” read the certificate posted on Twitter. Shaikh Mohammed tweeted in his messages: “I don’t wish to be celebrated personally. Instead, each year, a deserving group in our society shall be recognised. Last year, we celebrated the orphans. This year, we shall celebrate mothers, the force behind all our successes. Let’s celebrate our mothers for giving us life and endless unconditional love and care.”

The tribute to mothers comes as a gesture from the leader as he won hearts yet again with his humility and modesty. The leader also visited Emirati mothers who have overcome challenges to make their mark in society.

Hessa Aljaber, an Emirati working mother in Sharjah, was overwhelmed with the gesture. Having raised four children despite her hearing loss, he lauded her efforts as he said: “Hessa is a true example of the Emirati mother, who represents the values of determination and strength.”

Another mother, Um Abdullah, was also honored by the leader’s visit to her house. Raising nine children after her husband’s death was not an ordinary challenge and her dedication and spirit paved the way for a bright future for her children.

Mohammed said: “I wanted to surprise Um Abdullah; instead, I was happily surprised by her and her family welcoming me.”

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