Mother’s cry for lost son

AL AIN — It is the cry from an anguished mother, who has not set eyes on her son for nine long months.

By Lana Mahdi

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Published: Tue 9 Aug 2005, 10:14 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 7:13 PM

Now, even after all that time since Falih Saif Homeid Al Shamsy went missing, Um Falih has not given up hope, or her belief that her son was alive and around. Um Falih has given out a call to all and sundry to find out her son for her.

Thirty-five-year-old Falih disappeared without a trace from Sharjah. His brother Hamad Saif Al Shamsy told Khaleej Times that Falih had not been seen ever since he went on a visit to Sharjah.

"The last call we received from him was from a telephone booth in Sharjah nine months ago," he said.

Hamad Saif said that Falih had spent four months at the Zayed Military Hospital in Abu Dhabi for the treatment of some health problems. "He left his car with some family members," said Hamad.

Falih's mother believes that her son is in the UAE, and has not gone anywhere else, the belief cemented by the fact that Falih had withdrawn substantial sums of money from his bank account in May.

"Falih is married and has five nice children," said Um Falih.

Um Falih is certain that Falih has not left the shores of the UAE as his photograph with his name and other relevant details have been posted at all exit points including airports, seaports and border checkposts.

Nevertheless, there is never a moment or a day when she doesn't ponder on the circumstances that must have lead Falih to keep himself away from home and hearth, family and friends. And on what was preventing him from returning to where all those who loved and pined for him lived, to the extent of not even sending a message or making a call.

"The police are doing everything to trace his whereabouts, find a sign that will lead them to him," said Um Falih. "And I am full of hope that there would be a family reunion very soon."

And yet there is this deep anguish in her which shows in the eyes, and can be heard in his voice, for there is no suffering greater for a mother than the grief of a son or daughter gone missing.

"I am still waiting for my son, spending my time at the gates of the house, expecting to see him walking towards me any moment," she said.

Some relatives have told her that hers was a futile wait, because if Falih was alive he would have by now returned home. There are others who suggest that he might have lost his memory. It is like every person has a theory to add to the one before. "But the mother's heart tells me that I will see my son soon," she said.

Meanwhile, a source in the police told Khaleej Times that missing persons not found even after 48 hours are generally declared to have been lost. "The relatives of the missing person have to call up the police and then amend the official report and forwards it to the Public Prosecution for investigation," he said.

Falih's family has appealed to the people at large that if any one of them came across Falih and recognised him or had news of him or his whereabouts, they should not hesitate to call the family on telephone number 050-8162666. At the end of that beats the heart of a mother for whom every pulse counts.

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