Monster-like Beats Pro Headphones

WHEN I first laid my hands on a set of Monster’s Beats Pro headphones I thought “wow, these are built like a tank.”

By (Magnus Nystedt)

Published: Sun 6 Feb 2011, 12:06 AM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 7:04 PM

I’ve certainly come across well-built headphones before, including some of Monster’s own previous creations, but the Beats Pro is made out of aluminium, which, as you know, creates a superior feeling of quality. Just as a MacBook Pro feels high quality compared with many PC notebooks simply because it’s made out of aluminium, so do the Dh 1,815 Beats Pro.

In terms of design, a Monster representative told me, the company is shooting for the professional DJ market with the Pro. Each earpiece, or cup if you like, swivel to the side and up. This means the headphones, although they are quite sizeable, fold up into a small package. It also means that as a DJ, when you want to hear what’s going on in the club, you can easily swing one earpiece up, leaving one ear exposed. Surely this is much better than squeezing the headset between one ear and your shoulder.

Another clever design feature of the Beats Pro is how the headphones connect to the cord. I’m sure you’ve experienced wearing headphones and somehow the cord got caught in something and the headphones got ripped off of your head or the cord snapped out of the headphones. With the Beats Pro, the cord snaps into place in the headphones and then they stay connected. The cord is also tangle-free and the 2.5-mm plug has a ¼-inch adapter attached via a short rubber strap.

Once I have the Beats Pro on my head I find I can wear them for hours on end without much discomfort, another important trait for professionals. The cups are well padded and cover my ears. So what about sound quality? The Beats delivers where it counts, with a rich and wide range and emphasis on the bass, as you would expect from a product wearing Dr. Dre’s name. I find that I don’t have to crank up the volume as much as with many other headphones, and I can still experience a rich sound, which I find is a tell-tale sign of any high-end head- or earphones.

I readily admit that I’ve been a fan of Monster products for many years now. It generally cranks out high-quality products that perform to a high standard and produce great audio. The Beats Pro is no exception; there’s excellent audio quality as well as the highest level of design and build quality. For travelling by air I still prefer my Bose QuietComfort headset simply because they are more compact and noise cancelling, meaning they reduce the noise I hear from the airplane. For pretty much anything else, including my weekly radio show, the Beats Pro is my new reference headphones and they’ve earned a spot in my backpack, next to my computer and everything else I carry around with me.


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