MoH Shuts Down Unlicenced Syringe Manufacturing Plant

DUBAI - The Ministry of Health (MoH) has shut down a private plant that illegally manufactured syringes and other plastic medical devices for export.

Announcing the closure of the plant, CEO for Medical Practice and License at the Ministry of Health Dr Amin Hussain Al Amiri told Khaleej Times that the unit had started operating over six months ago.

“It was not attached to any pharmaceutical company. It was an independent plant which manufactured syringes and certain small plastic medical devices for export.”

He said the company did not have a license from the MoH for running the plant and did not follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Its products thus posed posing a threat to public health. Further, it had not appointed a pharmaceutical expert as a technical manager for the plant.

The violations were detected when a technical team from the Pharmaceutical Licensing Section of the MoH inspected the plant’s premises recently.

Declining to give the name and location of the company, Dr Amiri said the MoH had taken action against the violators in the interest of public health and the reputable image of the UAE’s health sector.

He said the ministry had managed to prevent the company from exporting any of their products and that legal action would be taken against the firm’s officials.

Dr Amiri said the MoH had increased the frequency of inspections at pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and other healthcare institutions to ensure the safety and quality of medical products and drugs available in the country.

Earlier this year, the MoH had closed down another private factory that manufactured a banned drug.

The ministry also took legal action against the senior officials of the plant that manufactured antacid, called Carelox which was removed from hospital and pharmacy shelves in November after it was found containing a harmful bacteria.

The ministry had also closed down half a dozen pharmacies for not meeting the licensing specifications and other regulations laid out by the MoH.

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