MoE official usurps asst. undersec.’s authority

DUBAI — Keeping the assistant under-secretary for private education in the dark, Education Ministry Under-Secretary Dr Jamal Al Mehiri continues to issue exemptions and assuming responsibilities of the former without his knowledge.

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Published: Fri 10 Mar 2006, 11:04 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 7:28 PM

The latest such action took place recently when Dr. Al Mehiri exempted a 12th grade Arab national student among other Arab students from attending Arabic language classes under the ministry curricula.

The exemption involved a student, identfied as G.H., son of a well-known personality in the country, despite a report by the Arabic Language instructor at Dubai Educational Zone, Dr. Hashim Doidary, that the intellectual and educational skills of the private school student in Dubai are normal. The deficiency of the student lies with the lack of a scientific subject on the Arabic language since the first years of his study. The instructor recommended that the student, though he is an Arab and UAE national, be enrolled in the first level of the Arabic syllabus for non-native speakers.

But another report indicated the starking differences of the student's performance in both the Arabic and English Languages in terms of reading, writing and speaking.

Accordingly, Dr Al Mehiri decided to exempt this student and others from studying Arabic language.

Leading educationists at the ministry's private education sector said Dr. Al Mehiri had been in the custom of giving exemptions without referring to the assistant under secretary for private education, who was shocked to read the exemption stories on the daily papers. Al Mehiri also used to dispatch directors of private education departments on official missions abroad without referring or even informing the latter.

The Ministry's Under Secretary for Private Education Juma Al Salami was surprised when he learnt that Jamal Al Noaman, Acting Director of Licensing Section, was in an official mission in Qatar without his knowledge although Noaman was informed of the mission before a long time. And when Al Salami contacted the director of the licensing section to inform him about some duties, he apologised for not carrying them because he was entrusted by the under secretary with a mission abroad.

As for exemption of students from studying Arabic language, the same sources said the law doesn't authorise exemption of any Arab student, and especially of the UAE, from attending Arabic language classes. They noted that the student will complete his study and latter work inside the country.

Studying Arabic Language is one of the key criteria of accrediting secondary school and university certificates.

Article Non (19) of the federal law No (28) for 1999 states that Arabic language is a mandatory subject for all Arab students according to education ministry curricula and to special curricula for non-native speakers.

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