Miss Universe stuns during Dubai visit

Miss Universe stuns during Dubai visit

Dubai - Reigning Miss Universe Pia Wurztbach talks about life, fashion, advocacies and her favourite country at Dragon Mart 2

By Keith Pereña

Published: Fri 18 Nov 2016, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Sat 19 Nov 2016, 10:19 AM

One will immediately be captivated by Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, that certainly was the case when she added an extra layer of beauty to the already beautiful Dragon Mart 2 last Friday to talk about health and beauty to the many shoppers around the mall as well as to the Filipino community here in Dubai.
A bubbly and lively figure, Wurtzbach spoke to mallgoers about beauty and fashion tips and to an extent, her advocacies as Miss Universe - spreading awareness of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and AIDS. Speaking to the panel about it, she said that one can easily bring awareness to these conditions by simply just talking about it. She also added that it is not something you're doing for yourself but rather for your family, friends and loved ones. She also talk about current issues in society such as cyberbullying, body shaming and how to get over both and not be a victim of the spread of the two problems facing people across the globe today.
The Miss Universe is quite an interesting figure, behind her stately appearance is a liveliness and joy that is unparallled as she immediately felt comfortable because of the warm welcome the Filipino community offered. She shifted from speaking in English and Filipino, she took on the audience's questions with professionalism and ease during the brief Q&A portion, and she did not hesitate to reach out to several members of the audience to give them the one of kind chance of taking photos with her with some even bringing interesting presents for the reigning beauty queen.
One thing that caught our attention was when Wurtzbach was asked about her favourite country. And after much thought, she said that Dubai has become one of her top favourites citing reasons such as the culture as well the wide smorgasbord of cuisines available in the emirate.
Wurtzbach stayed in Dubai until Saturday to tour the city and see popular tourist landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa.

The Filipino flag being unfurled as audiences see Pia Wurtzbach here at Dragon Mart 2 in Dubai.
The Filipino flag being unfurled as audiences see Pia Wurtzbach here at Dragon Mart 2 in Dubai.

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