Ministry resolves pending problems of 5 pvt schools

DUBAI - The Ministry of Education has resolved the pending problems pertaining to five private (Iranian) schools in Abu Dhabi and Dubai after rectifying certain irregularities which these schools had allowed to creep in.

By A Staff Reporter

Published: Sun 28 Aug 2005, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 3:29 PM

For years, the schools used to only put their logos on official documents, and while issuing study certificates, ignored the logo of the Ministry of Education, the name of the UAE, the educational zone which the school was affiliated to, as well as the license number.

The five schools are the Iranian school in Abu Dhabi and four other schools in Dubai: Khadija Al Kubra Iranian School for girls; the Salman Al Farisi Iranian School for boys; the Al Tawheed Iranian school for boys and Al Tawheed Iranian school for girls.

The Private Foreign Schools Department at the Ministry of Education has sent letters to the administration of the five schools requesting them to adhere to the rules and regulations regarding printing of the study certificates and all official forms.

The schools were asked to, at first, carry the name of the United Arab Emirates, the Ministry of Education, the name of the educational zone and then the name of the school, it's logo and number of the trade license.

The Department urged the Educational Zones in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to set up committees to scrutinise and view the registration records, lists of annual results and rectify and settle the status of students for the past academic year beginning from the date when the license becomes effective until the academic year 2004-2005.

The Private Education Department has called for earmarking the positions of the students prior to the issue of the trade license and send the list of their names to the Ministry for study and examine the possibility of approval.

The Ministry has also asked the five schools to bring and submit the marksheets "To whomsoever it may concern", certificate of good conduct sanctioned by the school administration. The certificates should be designed for each and every student. They should be meant for the students of grade 10 and 11 for the past years in order to tally them with the lists of the results of the final academic year for approval.

The schools have also been asked to stick a Dh15 stamp on each and every certificate, which could be obtained from the Educational zones or the Ministry of Education office. They have also been asked to name their representatives, who are authorised to receive the lists and documents. In addition, the authorised person to sign on documents should also be named.

Official sources at the Ministry said the officials at the Iranian Embassy had cooperated in solving the problems of the schools, foremost among which was failure to sanction the student certificates from the Ministry.

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