Michele Morrone: Scent of a man

Ladies! Michele Morrone is in Dubai

By Rhonita Patnaik

Published: Fri 24 Jul 2020, 11:20 AM

Last updated: Sun 26 Jul 2020, 1:45 PM

His latest movie 365 Days has taken the globe by storm and overnight Michele Morrone has become the most sought-after man in the universe.
As much as we might be smitten by him, the actor professes that he is mesmerised by the Emirati culture, especially perfumes. It caught his 'nose' quite literally, which is why the actor and singer is in Dubai to collaborate with investors in the Middle East and promote his new perfume range.
The Italian actor and singer is also promoting HalaHi, the region's first digital platform that allows fans to request personalised video-shoutouts from their favourite celebrities. Established in the UAE by a team of four well-known corporate/tech personalities, the platform aims to bridge the gap between fans and celebrities, building 'lifelong digital memorabilia' in a world currently oversaturated with likes and comments.
Catch him in a candid interview with Metrolife
ON: What changed since 365 Days
My entire life changed after 365 Days. Today, the world knows me. I have four movies in the pipeline that I will begin shooting for soon, few music projects. everything is going pretty good. I am a positive person. I believe when you are positive everything goes well.
ON: Dressing pet peeves
Nothing! I don't judge anyone. You dress according to your personality, and the weirder you are the more personality you have, I believe.
ON: Aspirations
In the future, I picture myself doing the same things I am doing right now - act, write and sing - as I was 10 years ago. My past inspires me for the future.
ON: New ventures
I am launching my line of perfumes, which is why I am in Dubai, to look for top sellers. It will be based on my personality, my style and my music. We are getting ahead and I am super happy about it.
ON: Favourite Arabic food
ON: Animals
I love animals, especially the wild ones. I have two horses - Iron and Rocko.
ON: Emirati culture
In the Western World, perfume is just a spray. For the UAE, perfume is their culture and philosophy. I am amazed that you can mix perfume and incense and that changes the whole experience.
ON: Dubai
The Burj Khalifa. Think about this: Dubai was built from the desert in just 50 years. I have been wondering about the sheer determination of the people of the UAE. If they want to do it, they just do it. If Emiratis can build Dubai is this span, then there is nothing that a human being cannot achieve.
ON: Promoting HalaHi
I chose HalaHi because when we started the concept it looked very interesting. This platform gives me the opportunity to do something good for children with the money I make by the brand.
365 Days of music to our ears
Michele Morrone, who plays Massimo in the movie, sings four songs on the soundtrack, including the now iconic Hard For Me. All four songs - Dark Room, Hard For Me, Watch Me Burn, and Feel It ­­- are pulled from Michele's album, Dark Room, which came out on Valentine's Day 2020.
Michele's songs featured in the film have garnered almost 100 million combined streams on all audio and video platforms to date. Michele has gained over 573,000 subscribers and 52 million overall views on his channel (as of June 24, 2020). He joined YouTube on January 16, 2020.
The most viewed video on his channel is the music video of Feel It with 23 million views.

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