Meet Dubai's sizzling singles in the city

Ramy Nabil and Soraya Shwaky
Ramy Nabil and Soraya Shwaky

Influencers influence us! But what influences the influencers? Shajar Khan takes a look at their lives...

By Shajar Khan

Published: Fri 24 Jul 2020, 11:29 AM

Last updated: Sun 26 Jul 2020, 1:45 PM

Ramy Nabil
Skin care and training expert

Quick facts:
Moved to Dubai in 2009. Started a career in pharmaceuticals before realising that skin care was his true calling. Currently working on his 'Men do care' website, which will be a combined platform for men targeting health and fitness, fashion and accessories, face and body care, and trips and entertainment.

His happy place: Being an entrepreneur is challenging and rewarding; I am able to meet clients, specifically men who seek advice or need a lifestyle uplift and a boost of confidence. This has fulfilled my passion for educating and inspiring others.

Achievements: My expertise and addiction to fitness and healthy lifestyle helped me establish an audience on Instagram, which opened other doors for me. I became a TV presenter and have hosted my own show, inviting experts from the health and beauty industry to discuss top-selling products.

Solo in DXB: Every place has its privileges and challenges. As a single expat, I do miss my family and home, but in an open city like Dubai, they can easily visit me anytime.
Dubai is a perfect combination of city life mixed with rich culture that appeals to everyone. It is a one of a kind city; there is always something new happening and keeps you engaged. It's also an exciting place to live in and experience new things and meet people from different parts of the world.
Daily routine: Early bird with a balanced lifestyle; wake up at 5am, workout at the gym, prep meals and cook breakfast. I enjoy cooking and posting recipes.
Midday is when I catch up with my work meetings. Dedicate time to social media so I can engage with my IG family. Read or binge-watch a docu-series in the evening.

Weekend unwind: Go to the beach or do some outdoor activities depending on the weather. In the evening, hangout with friends or attend work-related launches and events.
I always make sure to make time for my friends and try new activities that Dubai has to offer.
Out and about: I have made amazing friends at the gym where we share the same interests in health and fitness. In Dubai, it's easy to expand your circle of friends. Starting with the workplace, colleagues, being expats themselves tend to be very open and friendly. Nightlife in Dubai and social events are also popular places to network and make new friends. When we're all from the same age group, it's very easy to blend in with a group of strangers. Everyone is very respectful and welcoming.
Ultimate chillzone: Places with positive vibes and energy. Open beaches like La Mer in the mornings; Five the Palm and Nammos on weekends. Me and friends like to rent yachts and spend the day on the boat soaking up Dubai's sun and cruising from emirate to emirate, it's very scenic and peaceful.
Fav eats: Bagattelle, La Petite Maison, Oppa, Zuma and Gaia. Soho Beach, Soho Garden and Iris when the weather is nice outside.

Soraya Shwaky

Celebrity make-up artist and beauty consultant

Quick facts:
Moved from Geneva to Dubai two and half years ago; self-claimed workaholic. Holds a bachelor's degree in finance but pursued her dream to specialise in cosmetics and skin care.

Her happy place: The sea, surfing, diving, sports (especially the extreme ones) and cars. Also loves reading books and painting.

Achievements: Eleven years of experience in aesthetics, and worked with A-list celebrities and public figures across Egypt, Barcelona, Switzerland, and now, the UAE.

Solo in DXB: I moved to Dubai married and have been divorced for a year and a half. I grew up with the mentality that women have to finish college and get married, but I don't think being single is something bizarre in this era.
The UAE has given women so many opportunities to be entrepreneurs and business owners, which is the main reason I fell in love with the UAE. Their vision of empowering women is refreshing and it inspires me. I respect single women who are making the best out of their lives, achieving goals and breaking glass ceilings.

Personal mantra: Enjoy being single, and marriage should be an addition to your successful life.
I'm very happy focusing on my career and living an amazing life in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Dubai has so many opportunities for people who are willing to take it and work hard for it.
Daily routine: Wake up at 5am, meditate and express gratitude for being alive. Mental health and spiritual awareness are very important to me to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. Have breakfast, read for an hour then I hit the gym for a 45-minute workout. Shower and get dressed for work. Since I start my day early, I'm ready to sleep by 8pm.

Weekend unwind: Indulge and sleep in; I wake up around 8:30am and give myself time to relax and enjoy 'me' time. But I make sure to never skip a day of meditation and sports.
Out and about: I have my own group of friends who meet on a regular basis. Dubai is great for meeting people; everyone is friendly and welcoming. I've met most of my new friends while surfing or trying out different sports.
I'm not much of a night person I prefer mornings. You will always find me on the beach or swimming in the sea, relaxing and taking in one of Dubai's iconic views.
Ultimate chillzone: The beach; it doesn't matter as long as I'm out under the sun surrounded by water. If I want a relaxing day, I head to the Mandarin Oriental infinity pool.
Fav eats: La petite Maison and Gaia. Il Borro Tuscan Bistro for pizza, and Flamingo Room by Tashas for snacks and after work vibes. I recommend Vista Mare if you want to take your furry friend out to dine.  

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