Measures taken to prevent contaminated water supply

DUBAI — The government of the United Arab Emirates has taken initiatives to combat any environmental degradation amid booming development activities, according to Minister of Environment and Water, Rashid Ahmed bin Fahad.

By Lily B. Libo-on (Our staff reporter)

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Published: Sun 25 May 2008, 9:17 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 7:13 PM

Replying to the question of how sustainable is the development of Dubai and UAE, he told a Press conference at Dubai Police Academy recently that stringent measures had been taken to prevent contaminated water supply, particularly from toxic pollutants, and to conserve water and energy.

He said the ministry is also greening the UAE in contrast to other countries, which convert agricultural lands and keep on felling trees in exchange for industrial development. “We are on the right track,” he assured.

In reaction to the question of desertification, Dr Saad Al Numairy, environmental adviser to the ministry, said, “UAE does not have to do what some African countries do to give way to development because the natural habitat of the UAE is desert. On the contrary, UAE is greening to combat desertification,” he said.

To do this, he said, UAE is currently greening six per cent of its total land area to prevent desertification and to increase its green areas.

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