Masafi faces shortage of irrigation water

RAS AL KHAIMAH - Residents of Masafi area in Ras Al Khaimah have complained of shortage of water in their area, especially for irrigating their farms.

By Sebugwaawo Ismail (Our staff reporter)

Published: Fri 11 Jul 2008, 8:33 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 6:10 PM

Masafi is among the well-known agricultural areas in the emirate producing mangos, lemons, oranges, dates and others.

Some residents said the situation has become worse especially after the summer season started because whatever little water they used get which helped them irrigate their farms to a certain extent has also dried up.

Mahmood Yasin, a farmer of Masafi, said the farmers in the area are worried about their produce because the unripe fruits might dry up in these high temperatures especially since the shortage of water has become acute.

The residents said they have repeatedly contacted the authorities concerned in the emirate requesting them to reach water to the area to help the farmers irrigate their farms, but in vain.

Obaid bin Mohammed, another resident of Masafi, said water shortage has been hitting the residents who are also agriculturalists more badly for the last couple of years. The authorities have been reluctant to come to their rescue, he said.

Moza bint Mohammed, a resident, said they are spending huge sums of money to buy water for domestic use as well as irrigation purposes from the water distilling company in the emirate.

"Everyday, we spend Dh50 for treated water for domestic use and another Dh30 for non-distilled water for irrigating the gardens and other purposes like construction and cleaning," she said.

A senior official of one of the water distilling companies in the area said that they could extract water and distil it for 12-14 hours a day earlier but after the summer started they could do the same only for 10 hours or less because of the shortage of water in the wells.

He recommended more and bigger wells in the area to reduce the water shortage.

Officials from the RAK Municipality said they are aware of the water shortage in Masafi and are going to conduct studies to find out the quantities of underground water available in the area so as to dig more wells and set up more reservoirs in the area.

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