March behind Dubai Police band at Expo 2020 for an Earth Day 'switch off parade'

Emirates Nature-WWF is inviting residents to participate in the special parade on March 26.

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A Staff Reporter

Published: Tue 22 Mar 2022, 12:55 PM

A ‘switch off’ parade and several pavilions going dark will mark the Earth Hour at Expo 2020 Dubai on March 26.

Earth Hour is a global movement that WWF International started in 2007 and involves switching off all non-essential electricity for an hour to raise awareness for climate change and nature loss.

Emirates Nature-WWF is inviting residents to participate in the special ‘Switch Off Parade’ around the Expo 2020 site on Saturday, March 26.


The parade will be led by the Dubai Police marching band and followed by members of Emirates Nature-WWF’s newly launched ‘Leaders of Change’ programme as well as the general public.

The procession will make its way throughout Expo 2020 from 8.30pm, starting at the Peruvian Pavilion in the Mobility District and ending at 9.30pm at the UK Pavilion in the Opportunity District. An estimated 60 pavilions will be participating in a symbolic switch off at intervals of one minute for the duration of Earth Hour, to honour the iconic global event.

Emirates Nature-WWF said it is expecting five million people in the UAE to take part in the various activities it has planned for the day.


“It is apt to be carrying out this year’s event at Expo 2020 as it embodies the UAE’s vision of being at the forefront of sustainable development through innovation,” said Laila Mostafa Abdullatif, director-general of Emirates Nature-WWF. “Although Expo 2020 is coming to an end, the legacy of what has been built - the ideas, the cooperation, and the symbolism of the world in one place looking towards a prosperous future where people and planet collaboratively thrive – illuminates how we must move forward.


“We are proud to be powering down at Expo 2020 and playing a part in the symbolic lights-out movement. We encourage collective action and call on the UAE community to come together in solidarity for the environment on the upcoming occasion of Earth Hour.”


The organisation has also invited nature enthusiasts to attend its ‘Nature at Night’ adventure and spend three hours in Sharjah’s Nazwa Desert surveying the rock hills and surrounding desert. Participants will learn about the UAE’s nocturnal flora and fauna, and assess the challenges facing nature and wildlife.

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