Man uses bag of potato chips to skip work for two years

Man uses bag of potato chips to skip work for two years

Sydney - The 60-year-old managed to deceive his company for two years by blocking his GPS with empty potato chip bag

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Published: Tue 19 Dec 2017, 9:26 AM

Last updated: Tue 19 Dec 2017, 7:46 PM

An electrician in Australia cleverly managed to skip work and indulge in golf simply with the help of an empty potato chips bag. Tom Colella, 60, deceived his employers not once but nearly 140 times for two long years in the most unusual of ways.
Colella hit upon the idea to use the potato chip bag to block his GPS tracking so that his location was not revealed while he enjoyed playing golf during his work hours.
Like other businesses, Colella's company provided him a digital assistant to track his active assignments, completed work, and also his location through a GPS. But, what he did with the device to escape work was astounding. He had placed the digital assistant inside an empty bag of Twisties potato chips and sealed up entirely to block the signal, just like 'Faraday cage', which is a device that blocks electromagnetic fields, according to reports in Providr. 
Although the foil bag effectively defeated the GPS tracking, Colella still managed to fool his employer by updating details about his assignments daily.
However, his ingenious scheme was finally revealed after an anonymous tip proved he was off playing golf and not fulfilling his working duties in a company where he was employed for 20 years.
When confronted, Colella stated that his device was malfunctioning but failed to provide a plausible explanation as to why he deliberately obstructed the GPS signal.
Colella was dismissed from his employment following the investigation.

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