Man ordered to pay Dh100,000 diya

FUJAIRAH — The Fujairah Court of Appeal has sentenced a 33-year-old Turkish man to a month in jail and asked him to pay Dh100,000 as blood money to the family of an Indian expatriate for causing his death in an accident.

According to the case history, the convict identified as A.Y crashed his vehicle into a saloon car carrying four people on the main road leading to Thawban area. Three of them received injuries while the fourth passenger, an Indian called Mary Joy, was killed.

The Turkish man was referred to the prosecution which charged him with inadvertently causing the death of the Indian, breaking the obligatory road lane, and causing injuries to three others.

The case was referred to the Fujairah Court of First Instance which sentenced him to three months in jail and ordered him to pay Dh200,000 blood money to the family of the deceased.

The accused appealed the verdict in the Fujairah Court of Appeal which commuted the judgment to a month in jail and directed him to pay Dh100,000 blood money.

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