Man ordered to pay Dh100,000 as blood money

FUJAIRAH - The Fujairah Court of Appeal on March 25 sentenced an Arab to pay Dh100,000 as blood money (diya) to the kin of an Asian who died on the spot after the former’s vehicle crashed into his car. He was also ordered to pay Dh500 as fine for damaging the pavement, a lamppost and a traffic signboard.

By Salah Al Deberkey (Staff Reporter)

Published: Tue 25 Mar 2008, 8:03 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 6:48 PM

The incident happened on November 24 last year.

M.H.A was driving at 120km/h on the Masafi-Fujairah road. He lost control over the vehicle, which swerved right and collided with another vehicle, which in turn ploughed into the pavement and hit a lamppost and a traffic signboard.

Mohamad Jolas Abdulgalil, the Asian driver of the second vehicle, died on the spot.

The police who rushed to the scene arrested M.H.A.

M.H.A said during interrogation that the accident happened due to the mistake of the deceased as the latter suddenly appeared from the right hard shoulder. M.H.A. said he could not avoid the collision because he was driving at 120km/h.

The prosecution charged him with inadvertently causing the death of Abdulgalil by not caring about the safety of others while driving.

The prosecution also accused him of driving recklessly posing a danger to the other road users and destroying the public properties.

The Fujairah Court of First Instance had ordered him to pay Dh200,000 as blood money to the heirs of the deceased, plus Dh1,000 as fine to the Fujairah Municipality.

Yesterday, M.H.A. denied the charges before the Fujairah Court of Appeal, arguing that it was the mistake of the victim. The court commuted the lower court’s sentence and ordered him to pay Dh100,000 as diya as well as a fine of Dh500.

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