Man jailed for six months for selling expired foodstuff

DUBAI - The Dubai Misdemeanour Court yesterday sentenced a South Korean expatriate identified as Sang Souk Kim to 6 months in jail, and deportation thereafter, following his conviction for involvement in tampering with validity dates on foodstuff.

By Mohsen Rashed

Published: Mon 14 Aug 2006, 10:58 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 6:10 PM

The foodstuff brought from South Korea was ordered to be confiscated, and the warehouse shut down for two months.

Courts records showed that a foodstuff inspector with the Dubai Municipality nabbed a warehouse employee while changing the expiry date of noodles using certain liquid, tissues, and date-printing machine.

Stickers with manipulated dates and roughly one tonne of foodstuff with expired dates since 2001,were among the seized contraband. About 3.5 tonnes of chips, macaroni, and other foodstuff proved unfit for human consumption.

The employee admitted during interrogation, that he had been asked by Kim to change the dates. When questioned, Kim claimed that he had a validity of only five months starting from the date of production, as per the South Korean laws.

He had received the foodstuff consignment in Dubai one month later, and hence had only 4 months time to distribute the

foods in local markets and export them to nearby countries.

The accused admitted that he had manipulated the expiry dates of some 50 cartoons of macaroni and distributed them in local markets and some Gulf countries.

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