Man freed of drug carrying charge

DUBAI — The Dubai Court of First Instance yesterday acquitted 38-year-old Nigerian national Ahanswah Layoury of the charge of carrying heroin on the technical ground that legal procedures were not followed in effecting his arrest and that the investigation had lacked seriousness.


Amira Agarib

Published: Tue 30 Aug 2005, 10:11 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 3:29 PM

Defence Advocate Seamier Al Azraq, who cited the reasons for the acquittal, also pointed out that the officials had failed to ask the accused whether the drugs belonged to him and had merely told the latter that heroin was found in his shoes.

The accused who came to Dubai from Afghanistan on a visit visa was arrested at the international airport here on suspicion and a search had led to detection of 528 gms of heroin in his shoes. His case was referred to the court by Dubai public prosecution under the article 1/1-6 . 6/1/48/1/56/1.63 and 65 of federal law.

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