Make-up woes for Yuko Obuchi

Strangely enough, this fresh faced mother of two is facing charges of having let her campaign team spend thousands of dollars on buying make-up and accessories, among other things.

By (People Watch)

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Published: Sat 25 Oct 2014, 8:02 PM

Last updated: Fri 3 Apr 2015, 10:19 PM

Yuko Obuchi was was supposed to be the poster girl for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who has been trying to make gender diversity a reality in his government but last week the lady with seemingly flawless skin stepped down from her post as Japan’s Economy, Trade and Industry Minister after an unseeming scandal over misuse of election funds.

Strangely enough, this fresh faced mother of two is facing charges of having let her campaign team spend thousands of dollars on buying make-up and accessories, among other things.

What made the forty-year-old Obuchi blush in embarrassment was that a strident opposition brought proceedings to a screeching halt in the parliament. The fiesty lady retaliated by addressing a much-televised press conference where she said that she was stepping down because she did not want parliamentary business to be held up because of her.

“It is not permissible for me as Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry to have economy and energy policies stalled because of my own problems,” she said adding that she would step down while the probe into the allegations are conducted.

“I will resign and focus on probing what has been called into question,” she said after meeting mentor Abe who had roped her in this past September as Japan’s first woman to hold the important portfolio.

The premier has been personally selecting a group of women who, he hoped, would bring in much-needed diversity to the country’s male-dominated political set up. Obuchi’s resignation could be a severe set-back to this ambition.

Obuchi also told a parliamentary committee that while she was personally not part of the group that incurred the expense, she believed they were required for her political career. She has promised to investigate the spending on procuring theatre tickets for her supporters though.

Karma and Nadella’s pay hike

Sometimes what we say comes back to bite us on the rear side. We are guessing this must be one of those times for Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. It was just two weeks ago that he made the rather embarrassing suggestion that instead of asking for a pay hike women should have trust in their good karma and that they would get fair salary as a result of that.

We are now wondering if Nadella himself chose to walk the talk and just trusted his karma to earn him that cool $84.30 million that he received in 2014 as his earning. Or, did he have to strike a hard bargain with the tech major so that they coughed up the handsome sum to retain his talent.

For those in the dark about what we are talking, Nadella has now become one of the top tech company earners with his salary going up from $7.66 million in 2013 to the above mentioned sum. The 47-year-old Indian origin CEO’s income will include a salary of $918,917, $3.6 million in bonus and a whopping $79.77 million in stock awards as an incentive to remain with the company.

To be fair to him he will get to enjoy most of this income only in the next five years but that is neither here nor there.

Even though he did issue a lame explanation and apology for the outrageous comment about women, karma and fair pay, we are hoping Nadella is feeling a bit embarrassed about the generosity of wealth that his karma seemed to have earned him. We are also fairly sure that not many women, even with their complete faith in karma, will earn this kind of moolah any time soon.

Oh, well, we all live on hope, don’t we. If wishes were horses, women would not need to depend on their karma. Or even Nadella’s friendly advice…..

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