MAHE Dubai: Adding pride to the UAE's national identity

Dr Sangeetha Vinod, Deputy Registrar, Manipal Academy of Higher Education Dubai Campus
Dr Sangeetha Vinod, Deputy Registrar, Manipal Academy of Higher Education Dubai Campus

Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai Campus delivers sustainable education with state-of-the-art curricula and tech-enabled teaching pedagogy

Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai (MAHE, Dubai) contributes to the higher education ecosystem of UAE by aligning to the Vision 2021 by offering sustainable education with state-of-the-art curricula and tech-enabled teaching pedagogy alongside encouraging students to pursue projects and research work that paves the path for continuous learning and employability. We demonstrate our responsibility to the country by ensuring that the graduates master critical attributes in contemporary skills that shape their personalities and add pride to the national identity.

Renewed academic delivery
MAHE, Dubai had the agility to visualising its future landscape with technological disruptions interweaved into every process of student life cycle management. The vision of the leadership and administration, with their consistent investment in tech-enabled education through Learning Management System (LMS), Student Life Cycle Management (SLCM), ERPs and collaborative tools have enabled a smooth transition to the online mode of academic delivery. Globally prevalent tools such as those of Microsoft, Adobe and Google, among others, infused in the curriculum have enabled taking control of the disruption in the institution process, despite the discontinuation of classroom-based learning caused due to the pandemic. Students and parents have also shown great adaptability to these new changes. The synergistic part of technology and digitisation of higher education is that it integrates the finer aspects of classroom learning and online learning. Walking hand-in-hand, both act as a support system to each other, which gives a stronghold to our modern students.
Rise of new-age learning
Online classes and blended learning will gradually become a small yet significant part of the educational landscape. The virtual world will enable both students and educators to do what cannot be done in the real world, providing platforms to best serve the learning needs. Blended and e-learning will slowly be acknowledged as the most viable and convenient solution to balance supply and demand. Increasingly popular disciplines of artificial intelligence, cyber security, business analytics, data science, supply chain management, blockchain, and 3D printing are going to amalgamate seamlessly with blended and e-learning pedagogy to ensure new-age learning.
Career compatibility
The UAE education system is robust and dynamic in its envisioning of a knowledge-economy built around state-of-the-art course offerings through its national universities and service providers in the educational hubs. This vision is mirrored by educational institutions attracting students from across the globe to pursue higher education and attain career prospects in the UAE as well as internationally. The international campuses in the hubs facilitate in providing graduates with course offerings mapped to international equivalency thereby making their acquired skills compatible with the career demands.

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