Lizards, reptiles released in
Wadi Wurayah

FUJAIRAH - New species of reptiles, lizards and amphibians were released recently into Wadi Al Wurayah National Park by the Fujairah Municipality.

This was announced by Mohammed Saif Al Afkham, Director of the Fujairah Municipality, during an official meeting with Prof Dr Theodore P, scientist and researcher from California University who is specialised in amphibians and reptiles.

Wadi Al Wurayah national park was previously called Wadi Al Wurayah Mountainous Sanctuary.

Prof Theodore currently heads an expedition that focuses on the region — middles east countries and Middle Asia and Africa — for research on the possibility of new species of amphibians that might be here in the region.

The expedition collected some samples from Fujairah famous for its diversified environment which is mountainous and at the same time a desert. During such a study in Fujairah, a new species of lizards was discovered.

This kind of lizards called Asaccus-Gallagheri becomes active only at night and is found to the north of the UAE. Musandam in Oman is another habitat.

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