LinkedIn tests new creative networking feature

NEW CONNECTIONS: LinkedIn Stories are being tested internally and will be rolled out in coming months
NEW CONNECTIONS: LinkedIn Stories are being tested internally and will be rolled out in coming months

The social platform hopes to integrate light-hearted format to improve professional interaction

Published: Tue 3 Mar 2020, 11:16 AM

Last updated: Tue 3 Mar 2020, 1:20 PM

The success stories of 'Stories' on Instagram and Facebook has encouraged LinkedIn to welcome its new 'Stories' feature that will enhance business conversations on its platform.
According to Pete Davies, head of content products, the next-generation function is currently being tested internally and takes inspiration from similar formats developed by other social networks.
"They (the feature) spread for a good reason. They offer a lightweight, fun way to share an update without it having to be perfect or attached to your profile forever," said Davies, highlighting that this concept does not exist it the business world yet.
The business interactions expected to take place through the new feature would be along the lines of colleagues interacting in the break room, which Davies believes makes it a natural fit for LinkedIn.
"We've learned so much already about the unique possibilities of 'stories' in a professional context," he said. For instance, businesses or individuals could share "key moments from work events", or "tips and tricks that help us work smarter". The casual format could also make it easier for people to spark conversations."
The stories feature is currently being tested in response to growing activity on the LinkedIn feed, with Davies claiming that the feed has seen a 25 per cent year-over-year increase in engagement.
While many LinkedIn members expressed excitement about the ability to post quick updates, several questioned whether it fits with the key purpose of LinkedIn, which is to connect professionals.
"I've always associated LinkedIn with long form and truly educational content," one LinkedIn user said. "I'm worried that a feature like this will cheapen the LinkedIn experience and add a feature for feature's sake."
"Leave stories where they are and what they were meant for initially: engaging with your friends in a quick and fun way," another user said, adding, "LinkedIn's focus should be on making stuff work better and faster in general, and building the foundation blocks of products lagging behind Facebook, rather than copying the 'new' cool update from other social media channels."
LinkedIn has developed several features over the past few years that position it as more of a social network than a pure business one, from live video to trending news to reactions.
- Source: Feedspot

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