Legendary tale

Legendary tale
"Ever since I came here by a boat ride via Mumbai in 1959, I have considered Dubai my home." - Dr. Buxani

Ram Buxani's book is an inspirational guide for all those who want to excel in life

Nadannu Theertha Vazhikal, the Malayalam edition of Dr. Ram Buxani's best-selling autobiography, Taking the High Road, was unveiled by Rahul Srivastava, Consul (Commerce & Visa), Consulate General of India in Dubai, and M.V. Shreyams Kumar, Joint Managing Director, Mathrubhumi (one of the leading newspapers of Kerala), in Sharjah recently. The ceremony was held at the custom-themed Writer's Forum, one of the largest book exhibitions in the world, at the Sharjah International Book Fair, Expo Centre Sharjah.
The highly-coveted memoir narrates the engrossing chronicle of the legendary business magnate's life, whose meteoric rise to the echelons of the corporate world is an inspiration to multitudes of entrepreneurs and young leaders across the globe today.

"Dr. Buxani is an inspiration to all of us here in the UAE and his remarkable story is one that all of us aspire to emulate," stated Rahul Srivastava after the edition was officially launched.

The narrative details the carefree days of his childhood in Hyderabad, Sindh and Baroda, his meteoric rise as an employee and pivotal role in steering the ambitious and inspiring rise of the landmark ITL Cosmos Group, his sheer professional perseverance and fulfilment of his many roles as a son, husband, father and grandfather in his personal life.

Dr. Buxani's commentary shies away from narcissism and self-indulgence, painting instead an honest and credible account of his life in the business, family and the Sindhi community from where he hails.  The book is also a fitting tribute to the spirit of Dubai and the realms within which an expat can grow in Dubai, today's ideal home away from home. It emphasises on the fascinating roots of the Sindhi community.

Dr. Buxani also narrates a fascinating first-hand account on the now legendary development of Dubai - how the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the first Ruler of Dubai and Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE (considered the Father of the modern Emirate) built the city, pioneered the construction of its trailblazing airport and many such ambitious projects, thus historically converting the desert outpost into one of the most advanced economic hubs in the world today.

"Ever since I came here by a boat ride via Mumbai in 1959, I have considered Dubai my home," said Dr. Buxani, as he ecstatically addressed the audience.

Charting nearly 60 years of his corporate career, the book is widely regarded as a modern classic on the life of expatriate Indians in the UAE. First published in 2003 and subsequently translated into a number of languages, the Malayalam edition offers fresh philosophical musings on life and its many changing faces.

"The book includes many anecdotes that make for very interesting reading and I would encourage all our fellow Malayalees to buy a copy to get motivated and educated on how perseverance can conquer mountains," remarked M. V. Shreyams Kumar.

Dr. Buxani, felicitated with the Forbes Middle East Lifetime Achievement Award last year, is a prominent spokesperson for non-resident Indians (NRIs), shares advice for budding entrepreneurs and future business leaders, skillfully combining industry and personal anecdotes. This book was presented to Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan during his visit to Dubai.

'Ever since I came here by a boat ride via Mumbai in 1959, I have considered Dubai my home.” — Dr. Buxani
"Ever since I came here by a boat ride via Mumbai in 1959, I have considered Dubai my home.” — Dr. Buxani

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