Lebanese expats want maximum punishment for Suzan's killer

DUBAI - Lebanese expatriates expressed relief when they heard that singer Suzan Tamim's killer was arrested. They said they felt more confident about the security in the emirate and the country in general.

By Mary Nammour

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Published: Tue 12 Aug 2008, 1:19 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 5:02 PM

Maria Nachawy, a jewellery designer, hailed the breakthrough. "It is a great achievement worthy of high appraisal. Honestly, I did not expect them (police) to solve the case, which was so complicated. But now I feel very relieved. This further boosts our confidence in the security and safety in Dubai.

"Dubai has gone a long way in the safety and security and it can be rated as the number one not only among Arab countries but in the world in these aspects. I, as a Lebanese citizen, feel pretty much grateful to the authorities of the UAE for the efforts to track down the murderer."

Nachawy, who was very shocked when she came to know of the horrendous crime, called for a severe punishment for the perpetrator to set an example for others.

Mohammad Ahmed, an advertising consultant, could not believe the news. "One cannot but admire the swift action taken by the Dubai Police. They have a good reputation and this only comes to build on that reputation," Ahmed said.

"Capital punishment would be the right sentence for the suspect if convicted," maintained Ahmed. "He killed the helpless singer and he deserves nothing less than a severe execution. This should be a deterrent for the others who dare to think about committing such atrocities."

Ahmed praised the quick solution of the murder mystery. "Such a murder can happen anywhere in the world but seldom have we seen such quick results. Dubai is not just on a par with the safe and secure countries in the world but rather it is the most safe and the most secure worldwide. It is a relatively small city but the number of nationalities it hosts is huge. They (police) did a great and excellent job. This adds to our trust in the UAE system," Ahmed noted.

Fadi Zoghbi, a security engineer, was not surprised at the achievement of the Dubai Police. "They had also managed to track the perpetrators of Wafi heist and bring them to justice. In Dubai, even a small offence does not go unpunished. Needless to say, the police mobilised all their capabilities to crack this case.

"The gruesome merciless slaying should invite a proper punishment and I say life in jail as a minimum sentence," Zoghbi stressed.

Wissam Hamza, a media coordinator, hoped justice would be done once the suspect has been detained. "It is not something strange to the Dubai Police. They are a very strong and solid body and we did not expect something less than this. Whoever kills in this horrendous way should be executed without mercy".


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