Law Governing Entry of Expats to be Amended

ABU DHABI - The Ministry of 
Interior (MoI) is drafting amendments to the law governing the entry and residence of expatriates in the country, which will be put in its final read next month.

The law will contain amendments to some transactional changes, namely those related to domestic helps, according to Brigadier Nasser Al Awadhi Al Menhali, Acting Director General of the Department for Naturalization and Residency at the MoI.

He said that the amendments include reducing the fees for bringing in and hiring these workers. The fees and bank guarantee will be paid once when you bring the maid. Employers have to pay a guarantee of Dh5,000 for each domestic help at the time of applying for a visa and on renewal.

The amendment, once approved, would mean a substantial saving as the guarantee will have to be paid only once at the time of applying for the visa. Socio-economic conditions of expatriates and security were considered regarding the hiring of domestic helps.

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