LACC: Refining skills to prepare for a dynamic world

Prof. Dr Kaup Mohamed, Dean and Managing Director, London American City College
Prof. Dr Kaup Mohamed, Dean and Managing Director, London American City College

London American City College follows a unique method of teaching pedagogy with career opportunities

London American City College (LACC), established under the Fujairah Free Zone Authority, is a dynamic globally accredited educational institution of higher learning. It is accredited by European Council for Business Education (ECBE), Belgium and Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC), England and has received premier sector university college status.

The LACC offers BS major in IB and Economics and Accounting and MBA programmes through online mode of learning with support supplementary sessions in partnership with Madonna University, Michigan, the US, which is one of the top universities as per the US News and World Report. It is also fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, US.

LACC also offers the BBA and MBA Programmes of the Euro College from the Republic of North Macedonia, which is fully accredited by the Board of Accreditation and the Ministry of Education in North Macedonia.

"The main purpose of education is to see that the community gets educated for a better career, develops the society and builds a desire for social responsibility and implementation of the right kind of development that is good to the nation and to the world arena. Our institution is contributing to the UAE's higher education in line with the Vision 2021, as our students are required to take certain percentage of general education courses (including English, Math and Science), which are inducted into the programme of our partner universities in the US and Europe and is in line with the UAE's 'first-rate education system'," said Prof. Dr Kaup Mohamed, Dean and Managing Director, London American City College.

LACC, along with partner institutions, has a unique method of teaching pedagogy that includes lectures, case studies, real example of stock exchange and trading with virtual values, simulation exercises, capstone projects, thesis, live presentations, building analysis, matrixes, competitors tools, business plans, marketing plans, key success factors, etc.

"Our institution uses smart technological systems with black board learning system and web-based teaching methodology. Our programmes are taught by approved professors of our parent university and also by the visiting professors from the US and Europe," he added.

Students are trained at each level of their career path, starting from the first year, where the institution assists in career planning, and identifies skills, passion and interest. In the second year, students receive assistance in resume writing, refining skills, and finding internship and externship. By year three and four, they are connected to employers, interviews, job fairs, mock interviews, alongside building professional network and professional attire workshops and networking opportunities.

"Ninety-five per cent of LACC students received placement assistance. LACC, along with our partner universities, is one of the right places for studies as the institution is fully accredited by ASIC and ECBE, provides five times better job opportunities, placement and internship opportunities and the qualifications are accepted for migration to several countries.

"LACC offers students visa facility and hostel facility and has 10,000 alumni spread all over the world. Ninety-five per cent of LACC graduates are employed and more than 90 per cent of students participate in experiential learning. LACC is one of the best places to study in the UAE as it builds professionalism, creativity and provides knowledge and system for the real-world applications," said Prof. Dr Mohamed.

Its institutions based in Fujairah Free Zone, SAIF Zone and SHAMS, Sharjah are further contributing to the student community in the UAE and professional bodies in line with the Government's 2021 vision.

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