Kin of dead in deep sorrow

ABU DHABI - The bodies of three expatriates who died in the traffic accident on Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway on Tuesday were received at the Preventive Medical Centre in Khalifa Hospital here yesterday.

By Ahmed Abdul Aziz (Our staff reporter)

Published: Thu 13 Mar 2008, 8:22 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 6:42 PM

Dr Adnan Saeed Abbas, head of the bodies section at the centre, told Khlaeej Times that one of them was a 50-year-old Sudanese, Abdul Moneam Ahmed Al Taher, an accountant who died before reaching Al Rahba Hospital. The second was Mohammad Silab Khan, 30-year-old Pakistani worker, and the third Waleed Mouneer Qiwan, 25-year-old Syrian man.

Khaleej Times met with Al Taher’s family members. He was on his way to work in Dubai when the accident took place. Al Taher was in a serious condition and succumbed to his injuries before reaching the hospital. Friends and colleagues of the deceased surrounded his grieving family outside the hospital in an indescribable scene of sorrow.

The relatives of the Syrian said Waleed used to take this route three days a week to complete his work at some places in Dubai. “We tried to call him so many times, however his mobile phone was switched off. Hence we called the police operation unit and got the news that he died on the spot in the crash,” his relatives said.

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