Khaleej Times App - Update our latest app now and experience our new features

The updated Khaleej Times App helps you stay connected and offers you the latest news direct to your phone. Our new app enhances your user experience through a seamless, faster interface.

Published: Mon 25 Oct 2021, 5:08 PM

Last updated: Tue 26 Oct 2021, 8:53 AM

Through the app we will bring you breaking news and keep you up to date with real-time news alerts as news is unfolding. Of course, Prayer Timings, Gold/Forex, Business news, Technology News, and latest news on gadgets and Sports news are all still there and now with enhanced user experience.

What's new in the Khaleej Times News app?

The new version of the app brings you the opportunity to be your own News Editor and set up our preference based news push notifications direct to your mobile phone. Please see below a list of new features and functionality:-

- KT Today: Our redesigned home page feed gives you instant access to all the latest news

- My KT: A feature allowing you to personalize your news feeds by selecting which news topics you want to receive push notifications on straight to your mobile phone

- Search: Under our Topics Section, use our new Search functionality to search for any articles

- Saved Articles: Save any article and read it later online or offline by using the bookmark functionality

- Topics: The updated KT App offers accurate daily and monthly prayer times for the five daily prayers, up to date Gold, Silver and Foreign Exchange Rates in addition to being able to select from a multitude of content options

- Share: Share articles on social media, messaging platforms and via e-mail with your friends and family

- Dedicated Podcasts, Video, and Photos section: Experience our extensive library's latest podcasts, videos, and photos.

- Sports News: Get the latest sports news, interviews and scorecards from sports sections.

- Swipe for Next: Swiping left & right from the article page gives you instant access to other stories for a seamless reading experience.

- Offline Reading: The KT offline reading feature allows you to read the news offline without internet access.

- Font controls: The option to increase or decrease the story text size to suit you.


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