It’s time to clear the air over curricula

IN AN interview with local newspapers, Juma Al Salami, Assistant Under-Secretary of Ministry of Education (private sector), stressed the need for a unified curriculum for private schools. He added that violations in the past made people to forget the basic regulations governing the private education sector. Al Salami cited article No.34 of the the private education law which was issued six years ago and circulated among all private schools.

By (Catch of the Day)

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Published: Sun 24 Apr 2005, 10:18 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 7:06 PM

The article stipulated that each private school should implement one curriculum and should be authorised by the Ministry of Education.

Al Salami added that a private school has the right to follow another curriculum but under very limited and strict terms and circumstances provided the school obtains the approval of the ministry before introducing it. He added the ministry ordered that there must be a complete separation between the two curricula in all stages as well as the premises and the school staff.

But we are astonished to hear that the article No.34 carried two contradictory explanations. Al Salami said that one explantion is that the article No. 34 prohibited teaching two curricula in one school and the other explanation is that it is allowed to teach more than one curriculum in the same school.

“In fact we are inquiring what these limit conditions and circumstances are,” Al Salami said.

Another inquiry relates to how will they be able to make complete separation of classes and premises beside the teaching staff in case they apply two curricula.

Frankly, article No.34 was supposed to stipulate that the owner of the licence of each school should have separate licence of teaching different curriculum. Because opening the door for the exceptions will open the doors for violations.

In fact regulations shouldn’t open the door for exexceptions and laws should be clear of any loopholes as unscrupulous people tend to manipulate the gaps in laws and explain them as they desire and violations committed deliberately or inadvertantly.

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