Islamic History Week Held at DWC

DUBAI - Students of Dubai Women’s College stepped into the past of Islam and its origins through a series of photographs and videos during a five-day event to promote awareness about its history.

As part of their “History of the Arab People” course, students of Bachelor of Business Studies took part in the first Islamic History Week from December 20 and 24.

They shared knowledge of culture and traditions through photographic displays and produced mini-documentaries focusing on renowned Islamic scholars, such as Al Khwarizmi, Ibn Sin and Al Haythem, from the famous House of Wisdom in Baghdad.

Emphasising on the words of the late Shaikh Zayed that “those who have no knowledge of their past have no present or future,” the students were introduced to global awareness, critical thinking and academic research skills.

They gained a deeper understanding of how Islamic societies operate and tried to analyse events from a critical and historical perspective.

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