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The 82-year-old billionaire George Soros has decided to try marriage once again. The twice-married and divorced investor will soon say ‘I do’ to the new love of his life, Tamiko Bolton

By Sudha Menon (Person Of The Week)

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Published: Sat 18 Aug 2012, 5:35 PM

Last updated: Fri 3 Apr 2015, 1:51 AM

WHAT HAS age got to do with love or marriage? You are just as old as you want yourself to be, is the mantra that billionaire George Soros seems to be practicing in life.

The wealthy investor who retired last year and said he will no longer invest other people’s money, seems to be determined to have some fun instead. And what better way than to get hitched?

The 82-year old rang in his birthday last week with a surprise announcement of his engagement with 4-year-old yoga website owner girl-friend Tamiko Bolton. The two have been dating since 2008 before which the groom, obviously very young at heart, has courted and wooed several women, all of them considerably younger than him. Soros has been married twice before and is father to 5 children but indications are that he will walk up the aisle once again, sooner, rather than later, to the current woman in his life, who has been also married briefly earlier. The engagement was announced to a close group of friends and family at his summer home in Southampton, a well-known playground of the rich in America.

We don’t know if the announcement was made to a small group because Soros was a little worried about his rather hostile former girl friend, 28-year-old Brazilian stunner Adriana Ferreyr, who has made his life a bit difficult over the small matter of an upper eastside apartment that she alleges he promised to give her but reneged on. The Brazilian soap star has now thrown a $50 million lawsuit at him, claiming broken promises and assault among other things. Soros has denied the charges and prayed to the court to dismiss the lawsuit.

We are not sure how that lawsuit will go and Soros certainly will not be the first ageing rich man to have parted with money to appease former lovers/wives.

British signer Paul Mccartney badly burnt his fingers and had his wallet busted last year in what later came to be known as one of the most expensive celebrity divorce settlements. He splashed out over $3 million when he celebrated his wedding with Heather Milles in 2003 and shelled out over $48 million when that union collapsed rather noisily in 2008, in a family court, after much airing of dirty laundry in public. His earlier marriages too had seen bitterness but that has not affected his ability to go out and find wedded bliss.

Meanwhile, last heard, the former girl-friend’s attorney has wished Soros a happy engagement and wedded bliss in future and said he was hoping that Soros would now not need the disputed apartment and that he would now be inclined to part with it to do justice to his former girl friend. We will have to wait and see, isn’t it?

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