Indulge in sensational themed activities

Indulge in sensational themed activities
Unending fun...indoor theme parks

From indoor theme parks to cine-screens and sprawling waterparks, there is unlimited fun for all From indoor theme parks to cine-screens and sprawling waterparks, there is unlimited fun for all


Ishtiaq Ali Mehkri

Published: Sun 26 Aug 2018, 12:25 PM

Last updated: Sun 26 Aug 2018, 2:31 PM

It's time for extravaganza in Dubai. With long Eid Al Adha holidays, there is lot for you to plan and cherish right inside the theme parks in Dubai. The awesome aspect is that there are entertainment options available for both children and adults, and moreover, there is a world to explore at the theme parks, entertainment zones and water parks.
As the world comes down for fun, Dubai, and the UAE, has some great and exciting indoor and out-door entertainment elements. Theme parks, of late, have made Dubai a centre of attraction for tourists. This is why Dubai is always full of hands to boast festivity sentiments, and that goes all around the year.
The setting in of summer makes it more enthusiastic, as tourists from not only chilly areas of the world but also from the Middle East, Asia and Africa throng to the UAE.
Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as well as the Northern Emirates, have some of the state-of-the-art
indoor and outdoor entertainment zones. 
Entertainment Zones
People from all walks of life have an inherent interest in such
attractions, and love to plan their vacations, accordingly. Moreover, the country is never short on shopping offers. Not only UAE residents but tourists also are on the lookout for ideal and inexpensive entertainment, as well as shopping deals for their wards and families. Last but not the least is the celluloid sensation of cinema. The UAE has cine-screen giants such as Novo Cinemas that showcase films from Hollywood, Bollywood and many more regions. The thrill of the sound-box Dolby stereo makes it a great happening for people who love to go for a movie. That, of course, comes with umpteenth foodie deals right inside the cinema premises. 
There can't be a better deal than exploring the myths and amusement of theme parks. Dubai has plenty of them: dozens of indoor and entertainment zones theme parks. To name a few are the IMG Worlds of Adventure and Ski Dubai, where there is never-ending fun!
Kidzania is another awesome entertainment avenue for kids. It provides children with a unique and realistic environment that allows children between the ages of four to 16 to feel like they are at the helm of affairs, like adults, and exhibit their talent, such as aircraft flying, driving and other leadership skills. 
Not to forget the one of the world's largest aquarium at Dubai Mall, which keeps on upgrading its credentials by adding new elements and species in its water basement. The scintillating sky show over the aquarium giving it a dreamland night phenomenon full of stars is worth-watching.
Indoor Theme Parks
Theme parks have something for everybody, and a lot for those who venture into its attractions are never lost for words of appreciation. Nowhere in the world is there a city that hosts more than 28 theme and water parks, but Dubai. It is expanding its entertainment base and will be the world's best recreation spot by the year 2019, when Dubai will boast the first and the largest Six Flags Park outside the United States. 
The Parks and Resorts at Dubailand are no less than a Wonder of the World. They feature 27 rides and attractions, as well as six themed zones: Thrill-seeker Plaza, Magic Mountain, Fiesta Texas, Great Escape, Great Adventure and Great America. 
The recently-opened IMG Worlds of Adventure has made dreams a reality, as the emirate attracts millions of tourists. Its theme parks are second to none in terms of infrastructure, entertainment and amusement.  
Dubai, which already has many Hollywood-inspired adventures and rides, is coming up with a Bollywood blockbuster cinema-zone, which will be a silver-screen park in a unique sense. So is the composition of six immersive lands inspired by legendary Warner Bros, and its mascot characters, rides, shows and endless attractions. The water showers and drives need to be experienced and is a must to make fun come full circle.
Water Parks
Some of the other major attractions are the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, Wild Wadi Waterpark, Laguna Waterpark, Wadi Adventure and the white fantasyland of Ski Dubai, where one can experience snowballs and skiing throughout the year. 
Likewise, the world-famous IMG theme parks and Warner Bros exclusivities are added incentives, and provides for some of the best amusement. 
The dancing and singing dolphins at water resorts in Dubai are an added attraction. The hip-hop of the mammal in blue waters is worth seeing. The gregarious toothed whale with a beaklike snout has a lot to make the mosaic of Dubai more colourful. 
Another record-breaker park is of the size of 28 football fields, including one dedicated to dinosaurs. This temperature-controlled theme park takes you back into prehistoric era of animals when they literally ruled the Earth.
Dreamland Aqua waterpark and many more such destinations not only have a granted serenity and fun, but also relaxing and admiring. Dreamland Aqua park is one of the largest family entertainment park in the Middle East. Dubai's speciality is that it believes in converting all amusement parks into theme parks, and is investing in the future of entertainment for a glorious and smiling tomorrow.

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