Indonesian expats celebrate I-Day

ABU DHABI - Indonesians in the UAE celebrated the 61st anniversary of their country's independence on Friday.

By (By a staff reporter)

Published: Sun 20 Aug 2006, 12:28 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 6:14 PM

Functions were organised at the Indonesian Embassy here and the country's Consulate General in Dubai.

Over 150 Indonesians including embassy staff, members of 'Dharma Wanita', an organisation of wives of the government civil servants at the embassy, community members and students who live in Abu Dhabi and its surroundings took part in the ceremony.

The national anthem and patriotic songs were sung during the ceremony.

Ambassador Faisal Bafadal accompanied by wife Syifa Faisal cut the traditional rice preparation called "Tumpeng'' and presented it to the longest resident Indonesian in Abu Dhabi.

At the function at the Indonesian Consulate General in Dubai, Ambassador Bafadal said: ''We have to pay our respects at the highest level to the heroes who have sacrificed their body and soul for the sake of our nation."

"In this reformation era, we all have to fight against various deviations, abuse of power, human rights abuses, and also corruption, collusion and nepotism."

"We want Indonesia in the years to come be more secure, more democratic, more just and more prosperous."

Ambassador Bafadal also mentioned that Indonesia's bilateral relations with the UAE have strengthened in all areas, and in the coming years, economic and trade relations will be more developed.

Indonesia is not only the world's most populous Muslim country but also the biggest democracy in the Islamic world and one of the rising Asian powers with diverse capabilities and opportunities, he noted. It is also a model of religious and ethnic-cultural tolerance, he added.

Other functions which will be held are a Diplomatic Reception in September and Indonesian Gathering Night in November. The Indonesian night is a special occasion for all Indonesian community members to demonstrate their skills in singing, dancing, and other cultural performances.

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