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Dr K. Abdul Waheed, Dean - Academics, IMT Business School Dubai
Dr K. Abdul Waheed, Dean - Academics, IMT Business School Dubai

Access high quality internships and placements while studying at IMT Dubai

How is your university contributing to the UAE's higher education in line with government's Vision 2021 to realise a 'First-rate Education System'?

IMT Dubai focusses on quality business management education at undergraduate level and post-graduate level aided with smart learning technologies. IMT Dubai programmes are accredited by The Ministry of Education (MoE), UAE, through Commission of Academic Accreditation (CAA) and also by international accreditation agencies. IMT Dubai is also committed to enhancing contributions toward research objectives. IMT Dubai faculty members regularly publish in highly rated journals of repute, which are indexed in Scopus and other journal rating agencies.

What challenges and opportunities did you witness moving from physical to online classes during the Covid-19 pandemic? How is technology and digitisation influencing higher education?

Digitisation will have significant impact on higher education. IMT Dubai have successfully implemented the transition from physical to remote classes during the Covid-19 pandemic. IMT Dubai have invested in learning platforms like Canvas Learning Management System even before the Covid-19 pandemic. Hence, IMT Dubai was able to successfully use Video Conferencing platforms such as BigBlueButton and MS Teams that are integrated with Canvas Learning Management System to impart remote learning.

How does UAE ranking system fare against other world ranking systems? What is your opinion on increasing diversity - students and subjects - in the nation's education sector?

The classification framework adopted by MoE for ranking the universities in UAE is highly rigorous and comparable with other ranking systems in the world. UAE has the potential to emerge as a strong educational hub with the adoption of high standards of digitalized technological advancements. Diversity of students is a welcome step for enhancing the competitiveness of UAE in the Arab educational world. The UAE is an attractive destination for students as the country is ideally located to attract students from European, African, South Asian, Southeast Asian, GCC and CIS countries. Safe environment for students is particularly relevant in UAE context. A fast growing economy like UAE will require employable graduates in a variety of industries. The higher education system in UAE has the potential to provide critical academic and social support systems for international students. Greater emphasis needs to be provided for engineering streams with focus on artificial intelligence, data science and its management applications.

Please explain some of the futuristic educational trends developing in the UAE

The education sector is witnessing a digital disruption which will change the process of learning. Improved technological advancement will facilitate the advancement of virtual schools as partial solutions to the modern world crisis. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) will have greater focus in UAE education. Advancements in technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics, 3-D printing will act as a facilitator for this process. eLearning will become an integral part of the learning processes. Blended and personalized learning for professional development is another emerging trend in UAE higher education sector.
The UAE's private education sector is among the fastest growing in the world. The higher education sector has to develop skills for students to focus more on job skills in the sectors like hospitality, transportation, retail, banking, finance, real estate and infrastructure.

In your opinion, how adept is the UAE education system to fulfil the demands related to career opportunities?

The Ministry of Education (MoE), UAE, through Commission of Academic Accreditation (CAA) ensures the quality and rigour in delivery of higher education in UAE and the MoE's accreditation also ensures the needs of the industry are met. However, there is a greater need for specialised management education providers who could bridge the gap between theory and practice by high quality internships in the industry. IMT Dubai offers specialised business education accredited by MoE, UAE and prepares the graduates with skills necessary to face the challenges of UAE industry successfully. In addition, IMT Dubai has recently been recognised by Forbes magazine in the category of Best Internship Placement in the Region.

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