Immigration Officer on Trial in Human Trafficking Case

DUBAI — An Emirati immigration officer based at Hatta Passport Passage Section allegedly helped an Iraqi manager with a company to bring five Iraqi women into the UAE in return for sex with those women.

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Published: Fri 17 Jul 2009, 12:34 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 7:57 PM

The 30-year-old officer allegedly committed dereliction of his duty by ignoring the condition that Iraqi women should be allowed to enter thecountry only in the companyof their husbands.

He is also accused of having illicit consensual sex with two of them.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges in the Court of First Instanceon Wednesday.

The 38-year-old Iraqi pleaded not guilty to the charges of human trafficking with the help of an absconding compatriot woman accomplice.

He is accused, along with the absconding woman, of running a brothel where they allegedly forced Iraqi women into prostitution by beatingand intimidation.

According to the court records, he bought five Iraqi women from their parents and brought them to the UAE to make them work in the flesh trade.

The papers submitted to get visa for one of them stated that she is the daughter of the absconding Iraqi woman.

The women, aged between 21 and 29, are on trial on the charges of indulging in prostitution.

An Emirati police captain told interrogators that the Iraqi manager admitted to him that he had brought the women into the country from Oman.

“He said he could do it thanks to the help of the immigration officer at the Hatta Passport Passage Section,”he said.

The police captain added that the immigration officer granted entry permits to the women though their husbands were not with them.

“The immigration staff did it so that he could have sex with the women.”

He also said the immigration officer admitted to agreeing to attend a dance party the Iraqi manager would hold for him in Hatta.

The police nabbed the Iraqi manager from a house in Ras al Khaimah based on complaints from some of the women he had allegedly forced into prostitution.

“The women said during interrogation that they were bought from their mothers and brought into the UAE to attend dance parties.

“The manager used to collect money and arrange those parties,” a police officer said, adding the women told him that they were beaten up and threatened to make them attendthese parties.

Accountant Acquitted of Threatening Housewife

The Criminal Court of First Instance on Wednesday acquitted an Indian accountant of threatening an Iranian businesswoman that he would kill her, kidnap her daughters and burn them alive if she did not leave her husband and marry him.

The court referred the charges of harassing the woman and resisting a police officer, who tried to nab him, to the Court of Misdemeanours.

According to the court records, the defendant allegedly harassed the woman constantly with phone calls.

The 37-year-old businesswoman and mother of two told interrogators that on March 22 this year, the defendant intercepted her car at the Union Cooperative’s parking lot in Tawwar.

“He stood still in front of my car and asked me to step down. As I tried to reverse the car, he grabbed my hand through the window but I managed to release it,” she said.

The woman told the police that the defendant had been sending her text messages for nine months.

“He used to text message me on my mobile phone asking me to divorce my husband and marry him.

“He used to come near my house and damage my car registration plate and pour juice and tea on my car each day.”

According to her, he also threatened her that he would spell a curse on her to marry him. “He threatened that he would kidnap my daughters and kill them and burn me by throwing inflammable liquid on my face.”

The plaintiff’s husband told interrogators that the Indian had been stalking him for four years to get to his wife.

“He also called on our landline number. Once he spoke to me and asked me to meet him at Tawwar Centre thinking that it was my wife who receivedthe call.”

The husband also said the accountant frequently came near their house and tried to lure his daughters with candies but the girls would go inside scared.

“He went to their school offering to drive them home but theyturned it down.

“My wife told me that he had threatened her that he would ruin her life, take our daughters and burn her face if she did not date him at a hotel ormarry him.

“I complained against him many times at police stations but would withdraw the complaints later,” the husband added.

A police officer said the woman told him how the defendant had sent her kisses in the air on that day.

He resisted the officer while trying to bring him to the Al Qusaispolice station.

Visitor Jailed for PossessingDrugs for Peddling

A Nigerian visitor, in his forties, was sentenced to ten years in jail and a fine of Dh50,000 on Wednesday for possessing drugs for peddling.

The Court of First Instance also ordered his deportation after serving the jail term.

The Nigerian was caught at the Dubai International Airport on January 28 this year trying to smuggle 2.112kg of cocaine into the country.

An anti-narcotics police officer said they became suspicious on seeing the defendant tense on his arrival.

“While frisking him, we noticed that there is something bulging on a leg.

“When we took off his pants, we found a plastic bag tightly wrapped around his leg,” the officer said.

The plastic bag contained cocaine.


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