Illegals taking up jobs pose a serious threat

FUJAIRAH — The adverse implications of illegal recruitment on society cannot be over-emphasised. When a person who is not legally allowed to take up employment, or any kind of activity in the country, continues to live here with no stable monthly income to support himself then he becomes a threat to society.

By Salah Al Debarki

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Published: Mon 18 Jul 2005, 10:13 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 7:44 PM

When these illegal immigrants do not find employment they resort to stealing and other criminal activities to support themselves and to continue to live in this country. This is a dangerous tumour which will spread if goes unchecked.

Talking about illegal immigrants, most of whom have entered the country illegally, Major Mubarak bin Rubaie, head of Naturalisation and Residency Department in Fujairah, said: “We have received instructions from the head of the UAE Naturalisation and Residency Department, outlining the ways to deal with these kind of people who violate the rules and regulations of the country. The procedure to deal with them would depend on their nationalities, categories and cultures. No violence is to be used in dealing with them."

He said: “We conduct monthly inspections and raids to arrest illegal residents." Citing an example, he said, "We were able to carry out seven raids in January which resulted in the arrest of more than 43 persons from different nationalities. 16 arrested were from India, 11 from Pakistan, eight from Bangladesh, six from Egypt and one each from Iran and Syria."

Major Mubarak also threw light on the campaigns in the year 2003 and 2004. He said 64 raids were conducted in the year 2003 and 194 violators were arrested. In the year 2004, he said, 61 raids were carried out which resulted in the arrest of 622 violators of which 101 were Bangladeshi, 94 Indian, 91 Pakistani, 39 Egyptians, 15 Syrian, and one Iraqi, one Moroccan, one Iranian, one Sudanese, one Jordanian, three Turkish, three Filipinos and one Mynamarese.

He assured that the raids and campaigns are carried out in a civilised way and in coordination with the Ministry of Labour, “where we concentrate on certain areas in accordance with the information we get from our secret sources. The raids team includes officers from the Naturalisation and Residency Department and the Ministry of Labour. To enable us to deal with women violators in a proper way we also include a female in our raid and campaign team.”

He said that the Naturalisation and Residency Department of Fujairah is planning to launch an awareness campaign in coordination with the UAE Naturalisation and Residency Department and the media. The purpose is to spread awareness among all citizens, residents, associations, and security to eliminate the menace of illegal workers.

Elaborating on the rules and regulations, Major Mubarak said: “I personally believe that the problem is not in the rules and regulations, but in the leniency shown by some people towards these violators. These violators of the law must be made aware of the consequences they are heading for."

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