'I don’t miss home but I miss homemade food'

I don’t miss home but I miss homemade food

“I wanted to explore the world that’s why I came to the UAE,” said 21-year-old boatman Dinesh.

By Asma Ali Zain - Deputy Chief Reporter

Published: Fri 26 Jun 2015, 11:42 PM

Last updated: Wed 8 Jul 2015, 2:47 PM

Dinesh, Age: 21, India, Boatman:

“I wanted to explore the world that’s why I came to the UAE,” said 21-year-old boatman Dinesh, with twinkling eyes, stained teeth and an unruly mop of hair covering his forehead.

It took a good 10 minutes of coaxing to make him agree to share his story. He said he would do it only if his friend is also photographed. “Why should I talk to you?” “You know my folks back home cannot read English and they do not have the Internet so they cannot see my photo also…but I’ll talk to you.”

Dinesh gives families a ride in his boat — for Dh100 per hour — across the Sharjah lagoon. “I didn’t come here for a job, you know…I wanted to see the UAE.”

He is quite cheeky. “I don’t miss home but I do miss homemade food cooked by my mother.” Dinesh, who hails from Gujrat, India, has been in the country only for a year.

Work is also fun, he says. “I work one day and then take a day off.”

Work starts at 6am on a normal day and breaks at noon, then again from 4pm to midnight. “My parents are proud of me because I came to the UAE.”

His friend Samir is very shy and doesn’t know his exact age. “Maybe 24 or 25,” he says.

“I also don’t miss home because I don’t have anyone there…only a brother who is busy in his life.”

“We both have taken the boats on rent and pay the owner Dh700 a month. Anything above that, we keep for ourselves…that comes to nearly Dh1,000. Am happy with that.”

Samir came here nearly two years ago. “I also want to see the country, so both of us go around during our day offs,” says Samir.



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