‘Huge potential for film-making in Arab world’

DUBAI — Arab and UAE film industry should be supported by the UAE government due to its huge potential.

By Mahmoud Ali

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Published: Sat 11 Dec 2004, 11:10 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 1:25 PM

“The Arab world has the best directors and filmmakers in the world but unfortunately they are not financially supported. The Gulf area has no film industry, and supporting national and Arab film industry and directors will be a big success,” said Mohammed Makhlouf, Programmer, Arabian Shorts.

Makhlouf, in an exclusive interview with your favourite No. 1 newspaper, said: “I think the first Dubai International Film Festival was a big success. It is fine to hold three film festivals at the same time as it can give the actors and directors a chance to choose between the three international festivals. Coming to Dubai is a new experience for several directors: one gets the opportunity to discover the Arab life and several other aspects of the Arabian life.”

Makhlouf expressed his joy for the impact the Arab short movies had, emphasising the freedom of speech exercised in the question and answer session after the movie.

“I was impressed and I enjoyed the discussion. I was given the freedom to choose my movies without any restrictions,” he said.

“I hope the UAE would set up a fund to help young and talented UAE nationals and Arabs in making films and achieving their dreams. This will help build bridges with the West and within the Arab world too. Dubai is a wealthy and successful city, it is time to help these young talents”, said Makhlouf.

Regarding the comments made by Hussain Fahmi, an Egyptian actor, on the “decline” of Arab cinema, Makhlouf said: “I do not believe in such big stars. They are big stars with bog egos. I believe in young and ambitious talents who seek their goal by struggling and suffering to achieve it. The Arab cinema is developing and more support should be given by these big stars to young directors.”

Makhlouf praised the rising Palestinian directors who are flourishing in several film festivals.

“Many young Palestinian directors are suffering and struggling to achieve their goal, in order to send a message to the world that the Palestinians are suffering under the Israeli occupation. I have supported several ambitious Palestinians who were frustrated from the occupation and the diaspores, and fortunately they have accomplished a lot in few years,” Makhlouf said.

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