Huge Haul of Keptagon Pills, One Arrested

DUBAI - In a major haul by the Anti-Narcotics Department of Dubai Police, 4.2 million pills of Keptagon were seized recently.


Amira Agarib

Published: Wed 16 Dec 2009, 12:06 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 9:28 AM

A 35-year-old suspect was arrested in connection with the seizure while efforts were on to trace his associates, who are believed to be in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries.

The Keptagon consignment, concealed in textile rolls, had arrived in the UAE from an Arab country and was meant to be smuggled to Saudi Arabia.

Addressing the media on Monday, Brigadier Abdul Jalil Mehdi, Director of Anti-Narcotics Department, said the smuggling attempt was foiled with the help of Saudi authorities and UAE’s Ministry of Interior.

He said the police had received information that a huge quantity of Keptagon would arrive in the UAE and an Arab man would take delivery of the shipment, which would then be sent to Saudi Arabia .

Accordingly, the police monitored the inbound consignment till its arrival in a 40-foot container at one of the ports in the UAE. The suspect arrived in the UAE on November 11 on a visit visa and after taking delivery of the consignment, transported it to a warehouse in Dubai. The suspect then reportedly removed the pills from the textile rolls and packed them in cartons.

The suspect told the police that one of his associates was supposed to have come to help him in the operation, but he did not because of the Eid Al Adha holidays and he had to do the job singlehandedly.

The suspect spent five days to pack the drugs because he could not trust anyone. Mehdi said the suspect concealed and packed the pills in such a professional manner that Customs officials in the Arab country, from which the consignment arrived, failed to detect the drugs. While pointing out that there is no market for Keptagon in the UAE, he said that efforts are on to coordinate with Saudi authorities to trace other members of the gang, which is believed to have operations in other countries.

According to Major Yousuf Al Odaidi, “Keptagon is a harmful drug as it damages the brain cells and increases heartbeat and may cause death.”

He warned that the use of the drug for a long time leads to addiction, and scotched the myth that Keptagon makes people sexually active.

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