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Hub of technology and innovation

Hub of technology and innovation
Professor Dr RN Saha is the director of BITS Pilani, Dubai.

Published: Sun 8 Sep 2019, 11:03 AM

Last updated: Sun 8 Sep 2019, 1:08 PM

BITS Pilani, Dubai, is one of the leading universities in the UAE, offering Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral programmes in engineering and technology. The institute has achieved great prominence among the region's educational institutions by adapting itself to the diverse milieu, the use of technology and modern facilities. Excerpts from an interview with Prof. Dr R.N. Saha, Director, BITS Pilani, Dubai: 
Views on adapting a curriculum in response to technology-driven changes in the workplace.
Today, technology is all pervasive and constantly changing. Furthermore, it will grow on new technologies created at universities. Technology is integrated into the curriculum through continuous interaction with leading industry personnel, open-ended project courses, assignments, lab work, and capstone projects, both in terms of design and presentations.
Collaboration with companies
BITS Pilani is a pioneer in the field of university-industry linkage and its bold and radical innovation in this regard has no parallel. Students enrolled at BITS Pilani have a unique advantage of undergoing a seven-and-half-month internship programme in companies, as part of the curriculum. The institute has links with nearly 400 reputed industries in the UAE and India to offer internships to students, providing a great opportunity to get hands-on experience and contribute in the design and development of products, processes, or software in the industry.
Advice for students
Students must cultivate the capacity and mindset to innovate and be an entrepreneur, combined with embracing wholeheartedly and immersing themselves into technology. Students must think of innovation and the use of advanced facilities. This mindset would enable them to succeed whether they start up a company or work in an existing company. Students should cultivate the needed knowledge, skill set and mindset to succeed in their chosen profession.

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