How to get Dh3,000 discount when buying iPhone XS in Dubai

How to get Dh3,000 discount when buying iPhone XS in Dubai

Dubai - Or anything from the Apple Store really.

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Published: Sun 23 Sep 2018, 5:31 PM

Over the weekend, Apple released new flagship smartphones in the UAE - the iPhone XS and XS Max. The company welcomed an overwhelming crowd at the Apple Store in The Dubai Mall during the launch on Friday. Fans queued up to grab the XS or XS Max models. The Apple Watch Series was also released the same day.
The iPhone XS comes with price tags of Dh4,229 (64GB), Dh4,859 (256GB) and Dh5,709 (512GB). The iPhone XS Max phones, meanwhile, are worth Dh4,649, Dh5,279 and Dh6,129. Some may be holding back on the purchase because it apparently looks expensive, but if you've got an Apple product, there's a way to lower those prices.
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Apple has an exchange programme called Apple GiveBack. The deal is simple: trade in your Apple devices and get discounts towards any Apple Store purchase.

According to Apple's UAE website, you can trade in anything starting from an older iPhone and iPad to an Apple Watch and even a Mac. The biggest discount users can get is from trading in a Mac device - customers can get up to Dh3,225 slashed from their next Apple Store purchase. The amount will be given to customers in the form of an Apple Store Gift Card. This card can be used for any purchase in Apple Stores across the UAE, which means you can use it to get a discount on the iPhone XS. 
If your device isn't eligible for credit, Apple can also recycle your device for free, regardless of model or condition.
How does it work?
To make it easier for customers, trade-ins are categorised into different device types. Upon choosing the type of device you want to trade in, you'll be asked for details about it such as its serial and model numbers. You must also answer a set of questions like how its condition is and how it was used. After this, you will be given an estimate of how much credit you'll receive. 

If you are okay with the amount, an Apple trade-in partner will send you shipping materials so you can send in your device. It will then be inspected and if it is in the condition you mentioned, you'll receive the appropriate gift card for the amount. If it's not in the stated condition, you will be given a new quote which you can either accept or have your device sent back!
After trading in, personal information stored in your device will be wiped and it will be refurbished so it can go to a new owner. If it's not in a working condition, the device will be recycled.

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